New Fire Safety and Control Policy Rules and Regulations

Oakmont Members have until July 21 to review and comment on the revised OVA Fire Safety and Control Policy Rules and Regulations in concert with the new Vegetation Management Plan for OVA.  

OVA directors passed a version of the rules last month, and said they received  “excellent feedback” from Oakmont homeowners. The current document up for review by members has been edited to “to reflect the suggestions of our residents and better serve the needs of the community,” according to the resolution passed by the board at its June 16 meeting.  

The board will hold a Town Hall meeting July 7  by virtual streaming to give members an opportunity for an open exchange between residents, the board and OVA staff, including the ability to ask questions and receive answers about the policy.  

Under California Civil Code 4360, members of the Oakmont Village Association are given at least 28-days to review and comment on proposed rules. The Association must also provide the text of the rule and its purpose and effect as follows:  

Proposed Rule Addition: The Fire Safety and Control Policy, Rules, and Regulation. 

Purpose and Effect: Oakmont residents will be subject to Fire Safety and Control measures at their homes and properties according to these rules, including fire inspections at their properties within Oakmont. 

The Board of Directors will be discussing the proposed rule addition at its July 21, meeting, which will be held at the Berger Auditorium at 1:00 p.m., or by Zoom meeting, depending on the COVID-19 Pandemic and Sonoma County Order to Shelter in Place. Members who desire to do so will have an opportunity to make comments on the proposed changes before adoption by the Board (according to California Civil Code 4360 and 4040, respectively). If adopted, the new rules will become effective immediately.   


10-29-2019 Facility Availability

The Berger Auditorium and Central Activity Centerare both open and available as power & water stationsfrom 8 AM to 9 PM while the power remains

Post PSPS 10-25-2019

Due to the smoke heading our direction from the nearby fires, we will have to shutoff our HVAC systems to avoid drawing smoke into our