Library Matters
New Hours – 6AM – 9PM
The library is pleased to extend hours to the pre-pandemic schedule. When the Central Activities Center (CAC) is open, the library is open from 6AM to 9PM 7 days a week. You will need your OVA badge to enter both the building and the library – if you haven’t reactivated it, contact the OVA office.

The library operates on an Honor System, no check outs or due dates. Donations are limited – priority items are 2019-2021 titles – so many beloved authors published new titles and these would be most appreciated. Stop by the DVD room where duplicate copies of these new publications are available. Also accepted are pristine copies to replace existing worn copies and to add to our collection. Please limit your donations to 10 items and DO NOT leave items outside after hours. You have had a year to cull through your book collection, however, the library is not the solution for your discards. We will NOT accept the following : Encyclopedias, dictionaries, old reference books, text books, sheet music, music tapes or CDs, self-help books, VHS or 8 Track tapes, damaged materials. Please contact local charities for items not meeting our donation guidelines.

The community’s cooperation is key to a successful reopening. We are an all volunteer library – want to join our team? Send an email to