OTLC is not teaching in-person classes during the pandemic, but we have started a series of articles in issues of the Oakmont News. The first column ran 1/23/2020 and covers why every Oakmonter should have a smartphone for use in emergencies. If you are reading this on social media or in the e-blast, you probably are aware of how smartphones are critical in emergency situations. However, you may know someone in Oakmont who has resisted technology – please refer them to their Oakmont News “paper” edition and the technology articles that started this week. Other ways to read the tech articles are:


Evening Bocce

Thursday, August 19, an evening event of bocce and food was held at the Bocce Ball Courts. A group of 28 people attended. A special

Work-Out Wearables

Do clothes make the exercise easier? From Summer Olympics to Seniors in Oakmont, that is the question. Though not ready for Vogue, OHI regulars dress for success, fitness success. Join them and join the red carpet of daring designs.

9/11 Memories and Exercise

Today we remember the day that shocked and shook the world with a painful look back. This is also a time to look ahead at how to mitigate lingering negative responses. Living in constant concern, anxiety and fear robs the good from each day. Deep breathing and reading comics may be ways to cope. Talking to a positive person might be another. And still a third: exercise.

Classes in October and November

OTLC is in the process of revamping the technology classroom at the CAC. A new high-resolution projector is being installed. Fourteen old computer desks have