New Outdoor Lighting Coming for East Rec Patio

          Lighting of the East Rec patio to provide additional outdoor meeting space and several other facility improvements were approved at the July 26 meeting of the OVA Board of Directors.

            The goal of the East Rec project is to provide safety lighting when the sun starts to set and people are moving around on the patio and getting to their cars and to create additional meeting space as indoor space becomes more limited. The resolution calls for spending up to $27,000.

            The lights include three wall sconces on the exterior wall and seven fixtures on the exterior eaves and rafters. All the fixtures will be on time clocks. 

            The plan notes the greater demand for people and clubs to meet outside as the covid pandemic continues. When the pandemic is over, the improvement still provides added outdoor meeting space.

            Noting the need for shading and cooling of the area between the OVA offices and Berger Center, including the petanque and shuffleboard courts, the board approved spending up to $6,500 for the attachment to the existing concrete of two 13X13 shade sails.

            The association will spend up to $10,000 to seal coat the East Recreation Center parking lot. K & S Asphalt Solutions of Napa will prepare, seal coat and re-stripe the parking lot for $9,125.50.

            A contract with True North was approved to clean up a significant fire hazard in over-gown vegetation and invasive species along the walking path and emergency access road near the West Recreation Center at a cost of $18,752.

             Director Marianne Neufeld said letters will be sent to Oakmont residents who may be violating the 15% rock rule by covering front yards with rocks and just a few plants.

The rule prohibits covering the yard with more than 15% rock.