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4:00 PM and 6:00 PM, Tuesday, July 19

New residents were asked four questions. The individual responses from the 35 people who attended are listed below.

What Factors Led You to Choose Oakmont?

Rainbow women

Things were too far away

Didn’t consider anywhere else

Community important

Fireside Chat very welcoming

Prop 19, COVID – culminated

Cycling and no kids in Wine County

Got a house that didn’t need work – modern, new, smaller

Loved the amenities, rec centers, state parks

Lived in Oakmont 10 years ago and moved. Moved back this year. Neighborhood feels friendlier. Able to downsize. Saw a big change from when we were here before.

Rainbow women and other new clubs

Such a low fee – how do you do it?

Retired to Mesa. Came back for the climate, friends, neighbors. Access to nature.

Beautiful location.

Lots of people walking dogs

Wanted to stay in Sonoma County. Beauty. Safety. Housing reasonable compared to rest of county

Lots of clubs and activities

Kids and sun.

What Factors Led You to Choose Oakmont?

Closer to family

Sense of community

Amenities – pools!

Closer to medical care

Opportunities for activities

Chance to meet new people because Oakmont facilitates opps including being on walks, walking dog

Didn’t want the heat of the Central Valley

Natural Beauty

Got a good price

Cleanliness and order


Car club. SIRS

People have time to talk to you

I’m happy

People have a sense of responsibility

Sonoma/wine country is beautiful

Bought a fixer-up to invest in Oakmont. Affordability

It’s cool to be old unlike the culture at large which doesn’t value our wisdom


Liberal culture

State parks

Culture. Affordability.

East Rec pool is awesome

Cleaner air than in Davis

Whole area is new – from LA. Family. Familiar with Rossmoor. Golf is great! Restaurant needs work. Coffee is BAD!

Everything is at your fingertips. Used to living in a city but there’s a lot going on here.

Started in a rental. Didn’t realize how peaceful and SAFE it was here.

Suddenly realizing this is where I should be.

Moved here after fire. Rebuilt. So much smoke. Thought we would go to West County closer to family and away from fires. Couldn’t find anything. Sociable. People to talk to. Peaceful.

From Marin – affordability looked impossible. Moved to New Orleans. Lasted two years. Bad weather. Bugs. Poor people. Phoenix. Too hot. Ended up here. Friends in Marin and South Bay.

New life style – nutrition, exercise. But wanted more learning and activity opps.

Oakmont is like a luxury resort. Nothing I would have different. Can’t think of any improvements.

Lived in Petaluma. Didn’t like the direction it was going. Oakmont is more active – cycling, hiking, golf, pickleball.

The pianos. The deer.

Desire to live in harmony with nature

Wide variety of bird life – first visit saw turkey, egrets, hummingbirds, blue birds, merganser ducks, Canada geese

Deer, otter, fox, coyote

Peaceful, serene setting of homes with gorgeous open views of rolling hills and mountains

Walkers everywhere! Dog friendly!

Location, central proximity to national, state,regional parks! ocean, Santa Rosa, Bay Area

Very impressed by the community response to wildfires with the FireWise volunteers and a smart, pragmatic plan to improve safety

What Other Option or Communities Did You Consider?

Chose Santa Rosa over Bellingham WA

Looked at other communities. Came from Davis for 35 years. Wanted something new.

Looked at Rossmoor. Unbelievably nice. $10,000 per person buy-in fee with stacked apartment type housing. Indoor pool

Looked in Brentwood – Trilogy. Like Oakmont. Golf course. Pools. Would still consider it as an alternative. Climate is a deterrent.

Looked at Rossmoor. Too hoity-toity. Gated for security. Lot of open space. Felt more comfortable here.

Looked at Del Webb, Reno – feeling of college quad where people can gather

Other places we looked were more expensive

Brooks Creek – Windsor. Few amenities. More expensive.

Rossmoor – more expensive.

Other communities attract certain types of people.

Mesa AZ – Climate, social values, safety walking alone, car required for everything, high HOA fees, lack of building codes, huge new developments destroying natural environment

Bay Area – closer to family, friends but wanted more calm, serene environment

Rossmoor in Walnut Creek but fees seemed very high, $650, for facilities I wouldn’t use

Sea Ranch – waited too long and priced out of market

What were “Downsides” You Noted About Oakmont?


Didn’t know about the HOAs.


Our backyard is Elnoka. All we’re going to see is buildings. We’re putting up trees. Architecture Committee/Christel is wonderful

Shocked about the subHOA system.

The neighbors really know your business.

Maintenance rules – like mulch, inconsistently followed.

Concept of a village – services are far away. Drug store, hardware store, ice cream

Never had an orientation with other residents. How do find out about resources

I was avoiding areas where fees covered golf, tennis, pools, clubhouses, etc rather than offering that as a separate membership because I wouldn’t use them but the fees in Oakmont are so low

All the Sub HOAs made buying a house very confusing. No one seemed to know what services or additional restrictions applied to houses and the fees varied quite a bit. Limited my choices to OVA only houses

Emergency access due to single road, Hwy 12, in and out

How Can Oakmont Improve Going Forward?

Noisy. Wants to build a sound wall.

More meetings for new residents

Restaurant needs work. Coffee is BAD!

Evacuation is a big concern

Create off the grid self sustaining community.

Place to gather for coffee or visit with others.

Allow renters to be on the Board (against state law)

Don’t want to see deferred maintenance by homeowners of the OVA. Keep up with updates.

Protecting safety.

Equitable enforcement of rules like firewise.

Eco-green future must be carefully considered

More convenient stores

Solar grid


Need more pickleball courts – 2x

Allow food at the pools. Picnic area near the pool for families.

Mental health services

AA access

Expanded library

Senior services center – medicare help, metal health

More concerts at the golf course!

People who work need early morning and evening opps

Outdoor concert on the golf course was very exciting – do more

Not a lot of gathering spaces – particularly outdoors

Want gathering spaces indoors too

Closer to the ocean?

Mesa separates out costs by amenities – pools


Coffee houses.

Communications is a problem. More about clubs and activities. Out of date. Uniform interface with the clubs. Greater accessibility to all information instead of having to contact clubs separately.

List classes that are actually happening! Get the list up to date.

Need more attention to dates and locations – too much misinformation

Welcoming committee good idea. SubHOAs should make a point of meeting new people.

Lot of tribal knowledge. Frustrating for new people. Next gen will want information faster. More concise.

Unclear how a project could occur in a year. Form a committee? Sit down with the Board? Uncertainty of how things work.

More outdoor space.

Protecting the wildlife and environment. Golf course hired dogs to chase away birds.

Push and pull between people who have been here for a long time vs. attracting newer, younger seniors. Different set of needs. Not a real clear direction. Question – is community ready for that change?

Will some things happen before 2030?

Enhance and protect the amazing natural environment including the golf course property. Upset by how the golf course has disrupted the bird life by dredging during nesting, hiring a dog to chase away the water birds, concerned about chemicals used so frequently, liberally to maintain grass. I share the concern about deer killed on our roads.

Further develop trails off the streets for walking and publish map showing the location, length. Provide additional walking options on golf course. Work with state, regional and city parks bordering Oakmont to develop trailheads into the parks so it doesn’t require driving/paid parking

Develop more outdoor meeting spaces. Consider an outdoor arena rather than larger Berger type center. Consider using existing city/county/private buildings for the occasional very large gatherings (school auditoriums/cafeterias, movie theaters, company auditoriums, wineries, etc)

Meet exceed safety standards – ADA compliant, fire standards, etc

Bring community technology up to current standards – digital payments, online invoicing, current/complete central information easily updated by many, tracking info on committees  requests/history

Actively work with city, county, state agencies to advocate for Oakmont resources and to take advantage of outside community resources available.

If the new community moves forward next door consider an opportunity to share cost/usage on large projects like road access, trail work, dog park, that could benefit both.

More actively work with realtors and other marketing options (AARP, 55+ online site) to increase awareness of Oakmont nationally and keep real estate values rising.