New Year…New You…New T-Shirt
Janice Weekes
Fall is in the air and the holidays are right around the corner. A New Year means change and we at the Oakmont Fitness Club are embracing change.
You will see it in the Board Poster showing the smiling faces of the Fitness Club Board Members.
You will see it in new equipment arriving soon – new machines that will update our facility and are designed to work out muscle groups in a new way.
And you will see it in our new T-shirts. That’s right – when you pay your dues for 2022 you will receive a complimentary Oakmont Fitness Club t-shirt.
This $20 value is in addition to the four personal training sessions you are eligible to receive from John Phillips at no additional cost. You may want to ask John to help you get comfortable with the new machines when they arrive. Or you may want to ask John’s help in crafting a workout regimen that really works for you.
The point is – join the Fitness Club for 2022 and be ready to reap the benefits of your investment. You can sign up for the Club in the OVA main office by obtaining a form from our fitness club folder or in the Fitness Center. Your $30 check will be accepted in either venue. Please include your email address when you sign up. The Fitness Club won’t hassle you with unnecessary communications, but it is helpful to be able to reach membership when it’s important.
So, what are you waiting for? You know you want that t-shirt!