New Year’s Promise

By John Brodey
New Year’s Promise
For most of us, the new year brings with it a promise of hope, of change.
It’s an annual rite of passage that involves some introspection and new possibilities. An opportunity, to change who we are for the better, to grow and remind ourselves of what is truly important in life.
Like many I raised a glass to celebrate the occasion and was reminded of a verse from a wonderful Scottish New Year’s toast;
Remember the time of year, when the future appears
like a blank sheet of paper, a clean calendar, a new chance.
On thick white snow, you vow fresh footprints
then watch them go, with the wind’s hearty gust.
So fill your glass, here’s tae us,
Promises made to be broken, made to last.
It’s nice way to ease the burden of trying to be perfect. We do the best we can with mixed results. Sometimes, the obstacles are a bit greater than we’d like and the last two years are a prime example. As you may have read in a recent VOM Rotary article here, the contributions we rely on come through our annual fundraiser, the Crab Feed. In December we announced that due to public health concerns , etc., we would not be able to hold the event this year. This puts us in an awkward position as we try to find other ways to meet our financial obligations to the charities we support. We are an all-volunteer service organization. The work we do is divided into several categories and Community Service is one of them. The focus here concerns groups that make a huge impact on the lives of those in our community. Fellow Sonomans living in poverty, suffering from lack of food, vulnerable women and children, senior and health services. These groups rely on our support. Year in and year out they can count on us to help them meet the commitments they’ve made to those who depend on them. They include:
Redwood Empire Food Bank
Meals on Wheels
Oakmont Volunteers
Council on Aging
Women’s Recovery Services
The Living Room
Catholic Charities
St. Joseph Health’s mobile clinic.
We also look to help fledgling groups that have identified previously unrecognized needs among other segments of our population. It’s always uplifting to see how people respond to a situation they have read about. Generosity is part of who we are, and it seems as though we recognize these selfless acts as a way of honoring the good fortune we enjoy living in the country we do. Last year we had a difficult time fulfilling our obligations to our charity partners. In doing so we realized that most of the donations received came from fellow Rotarians. Given our close ties to Oakmont and the nature of our work right here we invite you, our neighbors, to participate in this year’s all out effort to meet our financial goals. We (Rotary International Foundation) have a 4-star rating on Charity Navigator with a perfect score of 100.
It is inspiring to see new faces step up to help us reach our financial goals for this year. As we continue to strive to ‘make a difference’ we fully realize that we can’t do it without you. And for those of you who have supported us regularly in the past, we can only offer our sincerest thank you.
Donations for the Rotary Club of Valley of the Moon can be mailed or dropped off c/o McBride Realty 6520 Oakmont Dr. Santa Rosa, 95409. Thank you in advance.


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