New Year’s Resolutions & Our Holiday Bash!

  • Dorothy Webster and Diane Holt

On this first day of the new year, we share some of our member`s new year`s resolutions.
Laugh every day.
Joy Bellomo
Go with the flow.
Rochia Holmquist
Small kindnesses cost nothing, and empathy can make a big difference in someone`s day.
Diane Holt
Live and love fully and without reservation.
Robin Jurs
I am going to be out of my pajamas by 10:00 A.M. Promise!
Michele McFarland


Last month at our Holiday Party, 87 Rainbow Women gussied up for the season and enjoyed a West Rec transformed into a romantically lit nightclub. Our new chorus, the Rainbow Jammers (complete with guitar, ukes, and bass) kicked off the party with their own version of the “Rudolph” song.

Some of our members take Steve Luther`s classes, and taught the holiday partiers a few line dances. Karen Gilbert made great playlists, which we enjoyed during a catered dinner, then got out of our seats to dance to–until almost 10:00.

On Thursday, Jan. 10 at the West Rec, OVA General Manager Kevin Hubred will explain the status of various current and potential renovations at Oakmont, including the East Rec, Berger, the CAC pool, spa, and gazebo. He will answer any questions we have.
Before managing his staff of 17 at Oakmont, Kevin was the G.M. at three large communities in and around Sacramento, including the 4,500-home Serrano development, as well as at Rierlke and Auburn Lake Trails. He recently applied for grants from Cal Fire to help make Oakmont fire defensible. This involves eliminating fast-burning junipers and `ladder bushes` (tall plants that can spread fires upward into trees).
Anna Schlegal, executive director of the 10,000 Degrees charity we support, will also speak at this month`s meeting and will introduce us to one of the students our donations help send to college.


What’s Happening in Sonoma Valley

Please mark your calendar for 11/10/20 at 11:00 am. to hear a super presentation on “What’s Happening in Sonoma Valley”   Our speaker is Keith Woods,

How to Choose a Ukulele

Tuesday, Nov. 10, 1 pm Want to learn to play the ukulele but don’t have one? Thinking of buying one as a Christmas present? Wondering