Nichiren Buddhism: Harmony, Community, Practitioners

Oakmont Buddhist group banner
A Harmonious Community of Practitioners in Accord With the Buddha’s Intent
The spirit of kosen-rufu* taught in the Lotus Sutra rests on the profound belief that all people possess the Buddha nature and thus the potential to attain Buddhahood.  A community of practitioners harmoniously united for the sake of kosen-rufu will naturally reflect this philosophy of the Lotus Sutra in spirit and action.
* Kosen-rufu refers to the process of securing lasting peace and happiness for all humankind by establishing the humanistic ideals of Nichiren Buddhism in society. 
Living Buddhism, December 2018, p7.  
You are cordially invited to join us on Saturday, December 15, 2018, and learn more about the benefits of this Buddhist practice and life philosophy.
When:  Saturday, December 15th,   11 – 12pm (new time!)
Where:  7 Oak Leaf Place.  Look for SGI sign at entrance on Oak Leaf Drive.  
Monthly SGI Nichiren Buddhist discussion meetings of chanting, study and dialogue are open to all Oakmonters and are free of charge. Call Judy at 707-548-0225,  Elaine Stanley at 707-539-3642 or Pj Savage 707 595 5648 for directions or more information.  See for additional information on Nichiren Buddhism.