No News Like Good News

•John Brodey
No News Like Good News
I often wonder how many people are still watching the nightly news. The formula has certainly changed given the avalanche of terrible news. You sit through the entire program reeling and gasping for air. Finally, the newscast comes to an end with a token dose of good news. It often involves a pet dragging its entire family out of their burning home. Something tells me if these broadcasts were an hour long you’d still end up with only one feel good story at the end. It has occurred to me that one of the reasons I love going to our weekly Rotary meeting is knowing that it’s going to be uplifting. Hope prevails and it’s not because we are terribly optimistic but because we know we what will follow is going to be inspirational. Our speakers invariably inform and make us more aware of things we need to know about. Months ago, we heard from SRPD Captain John Cregan who is now the Chief of Police. He deftly outlined reforms and new programs designed to address our mental health and homeless crisis. On the Other hand, we recently listened to a presentation by Dora Zuniga who is the director of donor guidance for Project Amigo.
We know the work they do as late VOM Rotarian Ron Nicholson and his wife Ro were instrumental in our club deciding to make them a charity partner. Project Amigo is a program based in the province of Colima on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. It was founded by a Rotarian who, in 1984, took a wrong bus and ended up in a poverty-stricken town just south of the Colima Volcano. What he noticed was an abundance of children and few educational opportunities. Education is not the priority in Mexico that it is here. Public school just goes through the 6th grade. That’s it! If you want to continue on to high-school it will cost money which basically puts it out of reach for most families. After decades of work by Rotarians around the world the villages now have an Albergue which provides room and board. It is largely funded by the State Department of Education but it requires a lot of additional services, especially with the goal of helping these children go beyond the elementary stage and even make it to college. That is how you help break the restraints of poverty.
Dora also invited us all down for a visit. It’s a wonderful program whereby Rotarians, individually or as a small group, go down to Colima for a week of working with the kids, helping with tutoring and personal support. Once you arrive at the airport you are their guests. Housing and food are all provided as you integrate into the community. The slides said it all. Kids having a ball interacting with their guests. If the evening news isn’t cutting it for you anymore, try joining us for breakfast.


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