Per Sonoma County orders, no more than 12 people, all wearing masks, may be present in any single room within OVA facilities.
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November 21 BOD Meeting Summary

  • Board President Gloria Young expressed the board’s gratitude to all who assisted in organizing the very successful and moving Veterans Day/First Responders appreciation event held at the Berger Center on November 10. In particular, she thanked Pat Amedeo, Charlie Ensley, Ann and Jay Cobb, and board liaison Karen Oswald. She also thanked Oakmont Market for donating many of the lunches handed out at the event.
  • The conditional use permit for conversion of two ERC tennis courts to six pickleball courts was filed with the City of Santa Rosa on November 13. Director Greg Goodwin and resident/technical adviser Herb Bieser compiled the information (including the recent sound study report) presented with the permit application and submitted it to the city.
  • Interviews have been scheduled in the last week of November with four of the top candidates for the general manager position. The board is hopeful that a permanent general manager will be in place in January.
  • Appointments to the Nominating Committee for next year’s board election were announced. On a motion by President Young, Ruthie Snyder was nominated as chair with David Dearden, Bern Lefson, Ed Sutter and Tony Lachowicz nominated as members of the committee. Bob Dodd was nominated as an alternate in the event one of the others is unavailable to serve. The motion passed on a vote of 6-1, with Director Kathleen Connelly voting no.
  • Philip Herzog, chair of the Election Rules Review Committee, provided an update on the draft election rules. Most of the discussion involved the updated rules for vote counting and recount procedures. A new provision in the proposed rules allows for an automatic recount of a close election on the same day as initial vote counting. The draft was approved unanimously. The rules will likely be approved at the December board meeting.
  • A proposed Ethics Policy for Directors and Committee Members was discussed by the board. The primary area of discussion was in regards to conflicts of interest and abstaining from voting on matters when one exists. The policy was approved unanimously. Director Karen Oswald offered to arrange a workshop for committee members to clarify the policy and its implementation.
  • Director Ken Heyman, liaison to the Communications Committee, made a motion to appoint Donald McPherson and Michael Connolly as members of the committee. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Director Heyman made a motion to approve a Social Media Policy for the Communications Committee. The policy was proposed to him by CC Chair James Foreman in the interest of establishing guidelines for utilizing Facebook, NextDoor and other similar media in much the same way as the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and city agencies use social media to disseminate information to the public. Such information could include OVA announcements, community events, meetings and other similar information. With two edits made to the wording of the policy it was approved unanimously.
  • The final action items involved the Asset Protection Committee Charter approval and committee member appointments. Director Lynda Oneto made a motion to approve the proposed charter. President Young and Treasurer Rob Lenahan voiced their opposition to the wording of the proposed charter and also suggested that it should wait until the new general manager is in place. The matter was tabled to allow for revisions to the charter language and will be taken up at the December board meeting.