Oakmont Auto Show Visitors

Memories at the Berger

Photos by Kathy Sowers

            Visitors to the 17thAnnual Oakmont Car Show browsed autos from America and Europe, including some now vanished brands such as Cord, Plymouth and Nash, which filled the Berger Center Parking lot on a sunny Saturday, May 25.

A 1913 Ford Model T Roadster catches the eyes of James Willis and Helen Anderson.
Jane and John Messineo pause beside a black 1936 Plymouth sedan. The ad on the fender brags about Plymouth’s merits vs. its “low-priced three” competitors, Ford and Chevrolet.
A maroon and black two-tone 1931 Chevrolet is admired by Sharon Ressoud and Bob Kothman.
How about that round windscreen over the wooden steering wheel? John Agnew, left, and Jim Cotton check outf a sporty 1913 Ford Model T Speedster.