Oakmont Billiards Final Pool Tournament of 2021

Oakmont Billiards Club Final Pool Tournament of 2021
The Oakmont Billiards Club held its final tournament of the year, an 8 Ball Tournament, on December 9th.
The Billiards Club, after a long break caused by the pandemic, resuscitated itself in August and organized and played 5 pool tournaments in 2021. The first on August 4th and the last on December 9th.
With the new virus variant of the month, Omicron, rearing its ugly head, and the old Delta variant infection numbers climbing again, the COVID19 landscape seems to constantly change and evolve.
Well, not the case with the Oakmont Billiards Club tournaments. The familiar faces of Michael James and Terry Brown seem to continue to dominate this year’s tournament final matches.
Most of the players competing in this tournament have also played in the previous four tournaments in hopes of getting their individual games back on track. No excuses here. This produced many competitive and fun to watch matches.
This tournament’s format required the participants to call their shots. Not the norm for most our tournaments in the past. This requires the shooter to designate a specific ball they plan on driving into a target table pocket with the cue ball. No slop allowed! Because of the double elimination format this can allow the same two players to go against each other more than once during the tournament. This happened to Michael James and Terry Brown. Terry won the first head-to-head match.
As for the final match, well this time Terry Brown prevailed and beat Michael James who was the previous 8 Ball tournament winner back in August, convincingly.
Congratulations goes to Terry Brown and all of the tournament’s participants in making this a successful event and fun afternoon.
So, if you would like a chance to see Michael and Terry in action, just playing in casual games, or maybe even to challenge them to a game of pool, please join the Billiards club at play on any Monday or Friday of the week from 1-4pm. They just might be there.

Oakmont Billiards Club Steering Committee

Note: the attached picture shows Michael James and the winner Terry Brown on the right.


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