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This event has already happened.

Thursday, January 28th at 3pm the club is having its first 2021 activity; a virtual meeting that both you and your pup can attend via ZOOM. All members were automatically sent a Zoom invitation link. This meeting will recap 2020 (short meeting, right?), Dog Park updates, and will include Raffle Prizes! Please Contact Peri at to request an invitation link or to RSVP. You MUST RSVP to be eligible for prize drawing, otherwise your name will not be included! During the meeting, a name will be drawn and winner announced. We will doorstep deliver your prize the next day. All Oakmont dog lovers are also welcome to attend. Just contact Peri to request an invitation.

Becca yawns it off – (submitted by Peri Olinger)

“What a wonderful way to wrap up this year!”
As we wind down what has been a very difficult year for all of us, I would like to end with a positive spin. After almost 3 years of hard work we now have our very own Oakmont Happy Tails Dog Park. Hopefully you have visited with your furry friends. If not, you’re in for a treat. Although a few things are left to be done, the dog park is up and functioning, which brings me to the main reason for this note.

The dog park committee was originally formed to find a location and facilitate building a dog park for Oakmont. With that purpose completed, the committee is dissolving soon, and on-going maintenance of the facility taken over by the Oakmont Facilities/Maintenance organization. However, all of us on the committee believe there is more to it than just maintenance. Most Oakmont amenities have another club or organization that helps and oversees what is going on – good examples are the bocce ball facility and its associated club, and the Community Gardens.

Oliver – “I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille” (submitted by Leslie Kline)

With that in mind, the Canine Club board believes our club is the obvious place to provide similar help and oversight. To that end, the board recently approved an addition to the Social Director function; now called Social Director and Dog Park Liaison.
I am very happy to announce that Peri Olinger, our current Social Director, has enthusiastically agreed to also take on the Dog Park Liaison function. She has already recruited and organized several club members to help. If you have questions about the dog park – contact Peri at “” or call her at 707-479-6961.

My best wishes go out to all of you for a wonderful New Year as we gladly say goodbye to 2020 and look forward to 2021. Stay safe, everyone!”

Paula Lewis
President, Oakmont Canine Club

Please visit our Oakmont Canine Club website at and you will find resources as well as updated dog park information. Membership information and applications are also available on the website. We welcome all members to submit photos of their pups.