Oakmont Community Foundation (OCF): 2018 In Review

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Bob Champan, OCF Treasurer

It was a complex year. There was sadness caused by the passing of one of our own. But also, there was optimism thanks to new, and we think, exciting OCF programs!

Susan Millar Volunteer of the Year Award

Sue, our longtime President and close friend, succumbed to cancer last May, and a well-attended celebration of her life was held in June at the Quail Inn. Your OCF Board of Directors knew it was important to commemorate the significant contributions that Sue, the epitome of Oakmont volunteerism, gave our village. With input from OCF, the OVA Board of Directors in November created the Susan Millar Volunteer of the Year Award. Here’s how it will work: When the Volunteer of The Year is named, she (or he) will select an Oakmont organization that meets OCF grant eligibility guidelines. The OCF will then issue a $1,000 grant to the chosen organization. This award will annually honor Sue, and will benefit Oakmonters with additional support for qualifying groups.

OCF Outreach Program

Over the years, generous Oakmont citizens have contributed tax deductible donations to OCF. The result? Grants! As of December 29th, this year alone OCF has issued 25 grants to nine different Oakmont organizations – including Music at Oakmont, Oakmont Genealogy Club, Oakmont Health Initiative, Caregivers Support Group, Oakmont Lifelong Learning, Oakmont Pickleball Club, Oakmont Grandparents’ Club, Oakmont Lawn Bowling Club, and the Oakmont Library. We can do more! So, we decided to reach out to groups that may not have contacted us previously for support. We’ve communicated with several, and we’ll be issuing grants by the end of this year (or shortly thereafter) to groups new to us.

So, 2018 was an active year for OCF! We’re entering into our 12th year, and we’ll continue to diligently pursue worthwhile organizations to support on your behalf (aided by our Outreach Program). And, when you designate your donations to our General Fund, your directors can respond to grant requests from worthy Oakmont groups that otherwise may not receive the financial support they need. We expect to be mindful of Sue’s legacy, and work for you to enhance the service we provide our community.

For complete information about who we are and what we do, and for helpful forms for giving and grant requesting, we invite you to visit our newly revamped website: oakmontcommunityfoundation.com. And, there’s a new, easy way to communicate with us: Send us an email at ocfboard7@gmail.com. We’ll quickly respond!

And finally, from all of us, please accept our best wishes for a happy and healthy 2019!


A Love Letter To Our Friends

Valentine’s Day is special for the Oakmont Community Foundation because that’s when we host our annual Hearts and Flowers Dinner for our most generous contributors.