Oakmont Community Foundation (OCF): We Fund You!

Submitted by Bob Chapman, OCF President 

Oakmont Community Foundation (OCF): We Fund You! 

Although the Delta variant is giving us a challenge, Oakmonters are cautiously returning to normal.  Clubs, groups, and organizations are meeting in person, enjoying each other’s company, and considering future activities.  Now’s the time to consider making OCF a part of YOUR planning process! 

Over the years, the Oakmont Community Foundation (OCF) has been successful in attracting tax deductible donations from generous Oakmont citizens.  Those dollars turn into OCF grants to Oakmont groups, and, thanks to our Firefighters Appreciation Fund Drive, we’ll support our First Responders with a sizeable grant to be awarded later this year.  So far in 2021, OCF has issued nine grants to six different Oakmont organizations. While that’s great, we want to do more  – and we have the funds to make it happen! 

GoFundMe is a way for folks to raise money for things personally important to them.  At OCF, we’ve got a different slant on this idea for Oakmont groups:  WeFundYou!  We’re reaching out to groups that may – or may not – have contacted us previously for support.  The message:  We want to help your group become more successful! 

With our support, your group can perhaps expand its horizons.  Here are just a few possibilities for you to consider.  Would your group like to:   

  • Undertake a project or program?  
  • Consider the purchase of a new piece of equipment? 
  • Present a lecture series? 
  • Try something else? 

Please be aware that eligibility for OCF support requires your group to: 

  • Have a treasurer and a bank account. 
  • Be an officially recognized OVA group. 
  • Benefit Oakmont residents (and their invited guests) only. 
  • Not receive OCF support that would otherwise be provided by OVA. 

For complete information about who we are and what we do, and for helpful forms for giving and grant requesting, we invite you to visit our website:  oakmontcommunityfoundation.com.  Questions?  Click on “Contact Us”, then “Directors”, and you’ll find our email addresses.  Get in touch, and we’ll quickly respond!   

Let’s have YOUR group featured in an OCF grant presentation picture! 


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