Oakmont Dems Help Turn Congress Blue

Oakmont Democratic Club

The Red to Blue Campaign scored multiple key victories in the November 6th election. Oakmonters’ efforts were part of a larger wave created by literally hundreds of thousands of volunteers across the country that succeeded in flipping Congress from Red to Blue. Additionally, Josh Harder, Congressional Candidate who spoke at Berger Center, defeated Republican Congressman Jeff Denham by nearly 5,000 votes in a tight Central Valley race. The joint work of Oakmont Democrats, Oakmont Progressives and the PerSisters was linked to national efforts that helped create a serious challenge to the Republican Party in so many districts nationally that the GOP was not able to hold Congress. Additionally, Democrats increased the number of Democratic Governors and several million more people voted Democratic vs. Republican.

Oakmonters along with raising $25,000 for the campaign did multiple things to help build the Blue Wave. The PerSisters sent thousands of text messages and hundreds of post cards to competitive races. Marty Behr, of the Oakmont Progressives, led in organizing Trips to Tracy. A dozen Oakmonters canvassed, stuffed outreach packets, phoned and “poll watched.”

Now, our task is to help convert this energy into both electing a new President in 2020 and also helping Oakmonters engage in the issues they care about. The next Democratic Club meeting is December 20th at 7PM at the OVA Offices Suite B. We will celebrate and look at next steps on issues of interest. All are welcome.


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