Oakmont E-Blast 12-14-2020

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Board Meeting and News

Regular Board Meeting – OPEN MEETING 
Tuesday, December 15, 2020 – 1:00 PM 

ZOOM Webinar And Video Teleconferencing: 
If you would like to speak during the open forum, please join the meeting with this link:  
Passcode: 183086 Webinar ID: 821 0988 7128 
If you do not plan to speak during open forum, or cannot use Zoom, please watch with this link:https://oakmontvillage.com/live 
If you cannot join via Zoom but would like your open forum comment read, please send it to AskOVA@oakmontvillage.com

Please click here for the Meeting Resolution Packet and Agenda 

Board Elections Declarations

OVA members who want to run for election to the Board of Directors must submit letters of intent to Dawn McFarland by Jan. 29. Interested members must be in good standing and not be felons and not served more than two terms in sequence. Candidates cannot be from the same household. There are six open positions for the 2021 elections.  Email letters to dawn@oakmontvillage.com. 

Oakmont News Delivery Date Change

At the request of the publisher/printer, the delivery dates for the Oakmont News will switch from the 1st and 15th  of the month to the second and fourth Saturdays starting in January 2021.  

The first issue with the new schedule will arrive on Jan. 9.   


Pool Closures: Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

All pools will be closed beginning December 24 at 4:30 p.m.

and through Dec. 25.

E-Waste Collection

Jan. 16, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. 
Sunday, Jan. 17, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.  

E-Waste Collection will be a two-day event.  Conservation Corps North Bay, a new sponsor, will be parked in the Berger parking lot, 310 White Oak Drive, parallel to the street.  No appointment is needed for this event.  

Accepted at the event will be computer equipment (computers, monitors, laptops, keyboards, printers, mice, hard drives); consumer electronics such as DVD players, VCRs, gaming devices, stereo components, radios, PDAs, cell phones, cables); televisions (CRTs and LCDs); office equipment such as telephones, fax machines, copiers). Microwaves are the only kitchen appliances that will be accepted.  Not accepted are batteries, light bulbs, printer ink or smoke/carbon dioxide detectors. 

Dog Park Now Has its Own Water Supply 

Julie Kiil caught up with Jeff of Mitchell Construction and learned that he was finishing up the trench work with his Kubota mini excavator.   Trenches were dug, pipes laid and tied into a water line by the street.  The trenches were then filled and smoothed from the original water line connecting the dog park to the south end of the community garden.  After connecting and testing the additional water lines, there is now a separate watering system for the dog park.

Safety Upgrades Coming to Happy Tails 

Photo By Iris Harrell

The Oakmont Happy Tails dog park will be receiving a few added safety features in the next couple of weeks to meet the city’s request for additional Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.   They include: 

  • A four-inch-high rock liner as a visual cue to remind people that the extra-wide path falls off to a slope,  
  • A four-inch-high piece of wood attached to the edge of the concrete ramp so a wheelchair cannot inadvertently roll off the edge, 
  • Grab bar railings on an additional ten feet of the fenced railing on both sides to help in getting to the deck gate, 
  • A steel metal tube to show where the walkers should approach the concrete ramp and deck as they cross the utility road, 
  • Extra railings to the left and right of the long path in certain areas where the path slope is slightly steeper than areas that just need the visual rock liners, 
  • ADA parking pad extended further toward the dog park to allow more space away from the public sidewalk for people unloading their cars. 

Contractor Owen Mitchell and his team are donating their time to do these late-added requests from the city even though the plans and construction had been signed off without these requirements.  Owen Mitchell stated that he wants anyone in Oakmont coming to the dog park to know that every possible safety feature that will help residents venture out to visit the dog park has been considered. There will be no disruptions for using Happy Tails.  

Golf Course GM Welcome

Welcome Letter from Valley of The Moon Club, General Manager Hilary Gruendle 

Thank you all for the warm welcome and kind words during my first month in this new and exciting role at Valley of the Moon Club. I have been busy familiarizing myself with this wonderful facility and our two beautiful golf courses. We have a lot of exciting changes planned for next year and I am looking forward to sharing that excitement with each one of you!  Our core team of managers and staff members will continue to work together as we look toward 2021 and beyond.. 

Click Here For The Full GM Welcome Letter

No Dumping

A maintenance worker at the Sugarloaf golf course recently came upon this scene.  THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC DUMPSTER.  CourseCo will have to pay to remove the mattress and other items and will be putting up a chain at the Sugarloaf driveway in the afternoons to deter this type of incident. 

Club News & Events

A Reminder From Map Your Neighborhood

Even though the rains have started, staying tuned in to local alerts is important. Power outages can happen as storms come in.  SoCoAlert is your number one insurance, backed up by alert radios and other apps, such as Nixle. Keep your smart phones on! 

Here are some links to sign up.  

SoCoAlert: Receive urgent notifications about local emergencies by phone and/or text. Go to SoCoAlert.com or text Socoalert to 99411.  

• Nixle: Receive email and text messages from local fire and law enforcement agencies that include public safety messages as well as emergency information.  

Text your zip code to 888777 or sign up online to receive email, text or voice messages with alerts and advisories from local law enforcement. 

• NOAA Weather Radio (NWR): Get a NOAA Weather Radio and leave it on at all times. When activated by an event, these radios generate an alarm, voice alert, and flasher. Sonoma County residents may tune their NOAA radio to frequency 162.475

If you are deaf or have hearing loss these radios have add-on equipment such as strobe lights and bed shakers to help alert everyone in the household that action is needed in an emergency. 


Women’s Yoga

Free Zoom Class on Fridays, 10-11 a.m.

Refresh body, mind and soul with women’s yoga.   You are invited to share in yoga practice led by one of four yoga leaders.  You’ll need a yoga mat or blanket and whatever props you use to make your yoga practice accessible and comfortable for you (a block, a yoga strap or tie or a kitchen towel).  Please remember to follow any medical directives and pay attention to your body’s signals.  

Join by clicking the link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85047615412?pwd=N0UwNlhDdVpOc2FERmFOeWg5cXgyQT09 

To join the email list for the weekly reminder, contact Lizzy Reynold: emrenold@gmail.com 

Oakmont Women Niners: Invitation To Join

This is a nine-hole women’s golf group playing weekly on Thursdays between  

9 and 10 a.m. at The Club of Sugarloaf.  Membership is open to all with no requirements.  The goal is to play golf and have fun.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, at this time there will be no sweeps or competition, just playing friendly non-competitive golf.  

Membership fee includes membership to PWGA/NCGA that includes your  

GHIN #. 

1. Current renewing 2020 Niners members pay $8. A portion of 2020 dues are being credited to your 2021 membership fee.  

2. New Niners with current active GHIN # pay $39, which is the current PWGA renewal fee.  

3. New Niners without GHIN # or lapsed GHIN # pay $49, which is current PWGA fee for new members.  

For 2021, Niners are only charging the GHIN # renewal fee. There are not any additional dues for 2021.  Application forms are posted on the outside bulletin board at the Valley of the Moon Golf Club.   Make check payable to Oakmont Women Niners and mail application and check before Dec. 31 to: 

JoAnn Banayat 
Membership Chair 

247 Oak Shadow Dr. 
Santa Rosa, CA 95409 

Contact Membership Chair JoAnn Banayat with questions: 

Cell 415-279-2954 
Home 707-538-5458 

Want YOUR Club’s News in The E-Blast?

If your club has an activity that you would like to have considered for notice in the e-blast, go to oakmontvillage.com/submit and follow the instructions.