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OVA Candidates Night

Candidates Night 

Wednesday, February 24 at 6 p.m. on Zoom 

Get your questions ready.  They can be submitted in advance by email to askova@oakmontvillage.com.  The Zoom log-on will be available on the OVA website and in the e-blast. 

Six candidates are running for five seats, including current directors Heidi Klyn, Noel Lyons and Jeff Young.  Wayne Van Bockern, Ken Smith and Mark Randol round out the slate of six candidates.  Ballots will be in the mail to reach members by March 6 and will be opened and counted the day of OVA’s annual meeting, Monday, April 5.  

The deadline for question submissions is February 17. 

AARP Tax Aide in Oakmont

Feb. 24 through April 14 (or later if tax deadline is extended) 

Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to noon 

Tents in Front of the CAC 

Feb. 24:  This day is for packet distribution only, and no appointment is necessary for pick  up.  The packet has everything you need to get ready.  

Beginning March 1:   An appointment to drop off your tax paperwork is required to control the number of people at the site and to let the preparers take in only as many returns as can be finished that week.  

Gather your tax documents, fill out the intake form and contact preference and sign IRS Form 14446 to release your documents to Tax-Aide. The packet will have a number for you to call to make a reservation when you have all your documents together. 

Before picking up a packet, please note that AARP tax aides cannot do your taxes if you have any of the following: 
– Rental income 
– Royalty income with expenses attached 
– K-1s 
– If you traded in futures or options during the past year 
– Self-employment income if there are employees, a loss, expenses greater than $35,000, depreciation, business use of a home or other complicated factors. 

If you have any of the above types of income, you should find a paid tax preparer as the volunteers are not trained to handle those types of returns. If you are unsure if AARP can do your return and want to check, call 707-387-4077.  A volunteer will call you back to discuss your situation. 

Direct all other questions to Diane Ethier, local coordinator for AARP Tax-Aide, at 651-210-0805. 

OEPC Emergency Communications Drill

On Saturday morning, March 13, the Oakmont Emergency Preparedness Committee (OEPC) will conduct its Spring Emergency Communications Drill.  The imagined scenario for this drill is a major earthquake in the Santa Rosa area.  You may see OEPC radio operators, clad in yellow vests, circulating through your neighborhood.  The purpose of this drill is to test OEPC radio systems in the event that telephone and internet services are down.  If you see one of these radio operators, be sure to thank him/her for volunteering to be a part of the Oakmont emergency response team and maybe suggest potential problems that can be communicated to the Oakmont Emergency Operation Center.   

If you are interested in becoming a radio operator or your neighborhood does not have an emergency response team, contact Pat Barclay at 707-570-7500. 

Important News

Here’s a handy checklist to help you get started on understanding and creating defensible space in the zero-to five-foot zone around homes and structures. The OVA Firewise policy requires following the three R’s of defensible space:  

  • Remove dry and flammable plants 
  • Remove fuel by pruning dead wood from shrubs and trees and keeping the area free of leaves and other debris 
  • Replace with approved plantings (those not on the Do Not Plant List). Choose plants with high moisture content, an open structure and non-resinous leaves.  

Firewise Committee members and other Oakmont volunteer have been training to help homeowners with creating best practices to make homes and properties hardened against wildfire. The training process is under the auspices of the Wildland Firefighter Apprenticeship Program ( WFAP) and FireSafe Sonoma.  

Click Here for a printable version of the checklist.

This checklist provides guidelines for meeting Firewise policy standards. If you have questions, email them to firewise@oakmontvillage.com . 

The Valley of the Moon Golf Club reports that they’ve been the unwilling recipients of juniper cuttings – lots of debris left on the courses. Please dispose of any yard debris in the proper green bins-* or call Recology to get large bins, which are not free, delivered.  

Please do not haul debris to the golf courses.   

FREE Virtual Event in Oakmont!

Trio Inverno Performing March 4, 6 p.m. Via Zoom

Attention music lovers! OVA will be hosting a night of musical fun featuring the newly formed, Trio Inverno group on March 4, at 6 p.m. via Zoom. This event is FREE for Oakmont residents! Join in on the virtual entertainment with your Oakmont friends, and get ready to be “wow-ed” by these talented instrumentalists!

For those interested, please use this link to join the event on March 4 at 6 p.m.: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86526923632?pwd=T1htTlY3QlhnRjlINThPR0xyKzZCdz09


Drive-Up Pick-Up Meals -Council On Aging – Council On Aging

Click Here for A Printable/Searchable/Downloadable Version

Keeping Creeks Healthy and Safe

The creeks in Oakmont bring many benefits to our neighborhoods, from wildlife habitat to recreation. Keeping them clean and safe requires everyone’s help. Many leaves will naturally fall into the water, but as homeowners, we should be mindful not to upset nature’s balance. Leaves, grass clippings and pet waste should never be dumped in or even next to a creek, ditch, or pond. Although this excess material is biodegradable, dumping leaves or other vegetation into the Creeks or storm drains can be detrimental to the creek’s health.  

Two photos below show heavily vegetated creek bedsOVA Firewise Committee and lots of volunteers are tackling the job of understanding creek maintenance and the many jurisdictions that regulate creeks. The Glass Fire burned through Badger Creek and into Oakmont.   

If you need more information about creeks and how maintenance impacts habitats and waterways, please visit this site https://www.streetstocreeks.org.  

Club News & Online Events

Calling All Radio Amateurs

Amateur Radio Operators is now an approved Oakmont club.  Previously, Oakmont Hams have met informally and been primarily involved in providing emergency communications for the Oakmont Emergency Preparedness Committee (OEPC).  

As a newly formed club, the amateur radio operators welcome all Hams in Oakmont and invite them to join.  The club maintains a low-level repeater in Oakmont with a frequency of 146.985 MHz with a minus offset and a PL of 88.5.  Hams call in every Tuesday evening at  

6:30 p.m. on this frequency, and all visitors are welcome.  The repeater is open to all Ham traffic except during official nets and emergencies.  

If you are a Ham or are interested in amateur radio, please contact Fred Polkinghorn at fpolkinghorn@gmail.com for more information.  If you are not a Ham and would be interested in getting your license, let Fred know.  If there is enough interest, there is a good possibility that an introductory license class could be conducted in Oakmont. 

For existing Hams, check in to the net on Tuesday nights. 

New Year, New Golf Group at Oakmont

Already playing weekly on the freshly renovated golf courses at Oakmont, the “Nine and Wine” ladies-only golf club kicks off its official 2021 season on Wednesday, April 7.  

Open to all ages and abilities, the group plays nine holes on the Sugarloaf course on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. every week, followed by optional happy hour or dinner at the on-site Valley of the Moon restaurant when it opens.    

With no handicap needed, golf outings are relaxed, fun and social with a monthly “scramble” game and an end-of-the-season awards dinner in October. Green fee is $15, not including cart.  Annual group dues are $30. 

Come out and play golf with “Nine and Wine.” Beginning golfers are welcome and are offered help to network with other beginners to learn rules and course etiquette.  

To join and for more information, contact Joanne Phillips at tanzielewis@gmail.com

February 21 – 10:30 a.m. on Zoom 

“COVID Vaccines:   What We Know and What We Don’t” 

Paul Gullixson 

Communications Manager for Sonoma County 

Come get your questions about the COVID vaccinations answered. When will they become more widely available?  What behavior changes are appropriate when you have finished your vaccination sequence (two shots plus two weeks)?  When will public buildings like our fitness center and meeting rooms be allowed to open again? 

As the county’s communications director, Gullixson has been at the center of these important discussions. He was an Associate Vice President of Strategic Communications at Sonoma State University and a former Editorial Director for the Press Democrat before assuming his current role for Sonoma County. 

Everyone is welcome!   The Zoom link is  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86575636126?pwd=UGhFdWMwMFlqUWNSL3R1dzBBbDNOQT09

Check the schedule and upcoming speakers on the Symposium website:  http://oakmontsundaysymposium.org/upcoming-talks.html 

Genealogy Club 

Monday, February 22 at 1 p.m. on Zoom 


We all use the term “ethnicity” to refer to our family origins.  In fact, this term means many different things. It derives from the Greek word “ethnos,” which means “nation” or, in a broader sense, any group having a common descent (think shared DNA), common national heritage (think geography) or a common culture (think language, religion and customs). It also gets confused with the term “race,” which generally refers to physical characteristics. 

Different situations will be discussed where the term “ethnic” is used to refer to a common grouping.  French Canadians, Ashkenazi Jews, Polynesians, Italians, Germans, Polish, Irish and British will be compared to better focus the term. What the DNA analysis companies use to trace your ethnic origin based on DNA analysis will be discussed and why that’s somewhat different than one might think. 

Join Zoom meeting at 

Meeting ID: 838 0163 4859 
Passcode: 771705 
One tap mobile 
+16699006833,,83801634859# US (San Jose) 

If you’re not on the Genealogy Club email list and want to be added. email your address to oakmontancestry@gmail.com 

Wednesday, February 24 – 4 p.m. on Zoom 

Quantum Computing is Here 

While today’s “classical” digital computers are pervasive, a complementary world of quantum computing is now here.  Join Mihir Parikh, PhD, as he provides an overview of digital computers, the “spooky” world of quantum physics, the physics and engineering in the development of “Qbit” entangled-state quantum computing systems and the unique capability of such systems to solve essentially “unsolvable” problems in chemistry, finance, optimization and molecular-level modeling. This extraordinary capability, still in its infancy, is now being made available by IBM for free. 

The Oakmont Futures Club is not holding group meetings while the OVA facilities are closed. In the interim, short informational video conferences are hosted via Zoom on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. To get the Zoom link and be informed of upcoming presentations, join the email list by sending an email to oakmontfuture@gmail.com