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2/2 Town Hall

Town Hall 

Feb. 2, 1 p.m. via Zoom

Three experts will present ways to harden your home against wildfire.

The panelists are;

  • Adam Iveson – co owner of Ember Wildfire Defense Solutions
  • Bobby Payne – owner of All Risk Shield Wildfire Defense
  • Stuart Mitchell – certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist sanctioned by the  National Fire Protection Association 
    All panelists are familiar with Oakmont and have been working with several members to improve home and property resilience.  
    They will share their advice and expertise on how to help improve the odds of a home surviving the next wildfire.  

If you would like to speak during the open forum, please join the meeting with this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84092761360?pwd=RnIwZ0RGVHhLNmNvSkZWaloveTJIQT09 

If you do not plan to speak during open forum, or cannot use Zoom, please watch with this link: www.oakmontvillage.com/live 

If you cannot join via Zoom but would like your open forum comment read, please send it to AskOVA@oakmontvillage.com 

AARP Tax Aide in Oakmont

AARP Tax-Aide is Coming To Oakmont

Feb. 10 through April 14 (or later if tax deadline is extended) 

Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to noon 

Tents in Front of the CAC 

Direct all questions to Diane Ethier, local coordinator for AARP Tax-Aide, at 651-210-0805. 

Feb. 10 and 15:  These two days will be for packet distribution only, and no appointment is necessary to pick them up.  The packet has everything you need to get ready. 

Beginning Feb. 17:   An appointment to drop off your tax paperwork is required to control the number of people at the site and to let the preparers take in only as many returns as can be finished that week.  

Gather your tax documents, fill out the intake form and contact preference and sign IRS Form 14446 to release your documents to Tax-Aide. The packet will have a number for you to call to make a reservation when you have all your documents together.   

There will be two pop-up tents in front of the CAC with a table and two chairs per tent.   All activity will be outside; in case of heavy rain, appointments will be canceled and rescheduled.  

Direct all questions to Diane Ethier, local coordinator for AARP Tax-Aide, at 651-210-0805. 

Important News

The East Rec pool will be closed on Monday, Feb. 8 all day to facilitate saw-cutting the deck. 

Has your club’s contact information changed? Please update it with OVA staff. 

Make any changes needed to keep your club’s contact information up to date for our communications. This update will also ensure we have the most accurate information for your club on our activity contact sheet provided to new residents.  

Click here to complete this form to note changes and email it to anita.roraus@oakmontvillage.com 

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Events – oakmontvillage.com/events 

Check this page for events that are open to the whole community, such as Board meetings, e-waste drop-offs, upcoming club events and shows that do not require membership to attend, such as Sunday Symposium lectures and Just for Fun Club’s upcoming Virtual Bingo Tournament. 

Activities – oakmontvillage.com/activities 
Here you will find a calendar of activities with dates and times listed.  Announcements on this page may require joining a club to participate; some are also open to the whole community, and members may join an Oakmont clubs and groups.   Click on any post that piques your interest to learn more. 

Articles and Stories – oakmontvillage.com/club-articles 
This is a new feature with articles that offer more in-depth content on club activities, such as photography, club updates on past events and informational pieces. Right now, you can check this page for an article from Oakmont Birders educating the community on how to identify the Pine Siskin, a North American finch that recently migrated into our area. 

None of the pages listed above require a password to view, so please feel free to share them with your friends and family.   Questions about the website or how to access content? Email it@oakmontvillage.com

Toxic Waste Collection 

Feb. 23, 2 to 7 p.m. 

LIMITS: 15 gallons of liquid (max. of five gallons per container) or 125 pounds of solid material. NEVER mix chemicals. Place in sealed containers in the trunk, packed to prevent spills. Syringes/needles must be in sealed, approved Sharps containers. 

NOT ACCEPTED: Explosives or ammunition, radioactive materials, biological waste (except syringes), TVs, computer monitors and other electronics and business waste. 

Please call 707-364-6927 to schedule an appointment or ask questions. 
(Only 100 appointments available – first-come, first-served).  Location and time will be provided when you call to schedule an appointment.  Date subject to cancellation depending on County orders. 

Pickleball is Currently Singles ONLY

Sonoma County’s status for reopening remains “Purple” or widespread Tier 1 under the state’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy.  Regarding pickleball specifically, pickleball play is limited to singles only under the Purple condition.  Doubles play will be allowed again when the County moves to the “Red” tier.  

Club News & Online Events

Promoting Technology For All Oakmonters 

Although the OTLC is not teaching in-person classes during the pandemic, this group has started a series of articles in issues of the Oakmont News. The first column was published in the  Jan. 23 issue and covers why every Oakmonter should have a smartphone for use in emergencies.  If you are reading this on social media or in the e-blast, you probably know the critical role  smartphones play in emergency situations. If you know someone in Oakmont who needs help in getting savvy with technology, please point out the Oakmont News “paper” edition and the technology series especially planned for those not using smartphones and computers.  The Oakmont News reaches every home in the communityOther ways to read and even print out the tech articles are: 

Tasting Events Club (TEC)

Organizational Meeting on Zoom

Feb. 3, 5 p.m.

The Tasting Events Club will have an introductory Zoom meeting on Wednesday, Feb 3rd at 5pm.

There will be:
1. An overview of ‘typical’ Tastings Event,
2. A discussion of the Club process and organization

3. An Trivia game with an opportunity for to win a bottle of wine, from the cellar of club chair Mihir Parikh

Please email Tastings.club@gmail.com for the Zoom link.

Feb. 7, 10:30 a.m. on Zoom 

Sara Zeff Gerber: Growing Old Alone – It’s Better Than You Think 

So … sometimes things don’t quite turn out quite the way you thought they would.  There you are, growing older.   Your spouse dies or you are single; you don’t have kids or you have kids but they don’t live near …  and there you are.  Alone.  And getting older.  It happens to lots of people.  But no need to fret.  You may not want to think about it, but there are many things you can set in motion now to make this aging part of your life happy and secure. 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 safety protocols, speakers have been engaged to present live sessions. You won’t want to miss any talks, so check the Upcoming Talks page weekly for the latest instructions at  http://oakmontsundaysymposium.org/live.   There will be time at the end of the talk to engage with the speaker.    

Please consider a donation to the Oakmont Community Foundation earmarked for Oakmont Sunday Symposium. 

Just For Fun Games Club

Feb. 6, 1p.m.

Join us for our February 6th BINGO Game!

REGISTER: Send an email to Just4FunGamesClub@earthlink.net  Include your name, email address and telephone number. (If you don’t use email, you may call or text Jeri Phillips at (714) 883-3126 to register.) 

BINGO CARDS: After you register, you will receive confirmation with instructions on how to access your bingo cards. Before the end of the month, you will receive separate instructions on how to join the virtual bingo game using Zoom or your telephone. 

GAME DAY:   Plan to log onto Zoom 10-15 minutes early to get the bugs worked out and be ready to play.  

EVERYONE WELCOME: There is no entry fee to play.  A $25 gift certificate to the Oakmont Market will be awarded to the winner.  Visit with your neighbors and play bingo… Just for Fun! 

February 9, 11 a.m. 

Karlene Navarro 

Director of the Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach 

SIR #92 is staying active in these trying times. A group gets together to play golf on Thursdays; there are informal chats and monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month with a guest speaker.  

On Feb. 9, the speaker will be Karlene Navarro. Ms. Navarro was appointed by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to the position of Director of The Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach (IOLERO) in March 2019.  She has a long history of law enforcement coming from experience in private practice as a criminal defense attorney, deputy public defender and teaching legal research and performing writing and analysis at the University of San Francisco School of Law.  As the director of IOLERO, Ms. Navarro reviews complaints against the Sheriff’s Office and makes policy and training recommendations based on those complaints.  

All are welcome, member or not. To participate, contact Bern Lefson at blefson@gmail.com