Oakmont E-Blast 3-13-2020

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Important Info

President’s Message

For COVID-19, also known as the “novel coronavirus,” it was a very successful week, with lots of new infections and widespread influence on events, theme parks, government organizations, and stock markets. For everyone else, not so much. This President’s Message provides the latest information, both in terms of what we know and what we are planning and doing here in Oakmont.

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Event Cancellations

Below is a list of all event cancellations that the OVA Office has received. The latest cancellations are shown in bold text.

3/11 – Blood Pressure Clinic
3/11 – Futures Club Meeting
3/11 – Garden Club Meeting
3/11 – Let’s Dance Together
3/12 – Rainbow Women
3/13 – Art Association Meeting
3/13 – Library Steering Committee
3/13 – Constitution Club Meeting
3/13 – Duplicate Bridge
3/13 – Women’s Yoga
3/14 – Tennis Club Meeting
3/14 – OEPC Drill
3/15 – Sunday Symposium
3/15 – Movies at Oakmont
3/16 – Visual Aids Meeting
3/16 – Great Decisions
3/16 – CETC Fireside Chat
3/16 – Women’s Yoga
3/16 – Line Dancing (West Rec)
3/16 – Duplicate Bridge
3/17 – Senior Social Club
3/17 – Women of Faith

3/17 – Solar & EV Car Club
3/17 – NIA
3/18 – Blood Pressure
3/18 – Let’s Dance Together
3/18 – Solar Vendor Fair
3/18 – Book Group
3/19 – Spanish Club
3/19 – Chinese Mahjong
3/19 – Shorty Story Group
3/19 – Boomers: Pride & Joy Concert
3/20 – Women In Conversation
3/20 – InvestOAK
3/20 – Women’s Yoga
3/20 – Ladies’ Friendship Bible Study
3/21 – OakMUG Meeting
3/21 – Meditation Meeting
3/22 – Sunday Symposium
3/22 – Movies At Oakmont
3/23 – Visual Aids Meeting
3/23 – Genealogy Meeting
3/23 – Women’s Yoga
3/24 – Women of Faith
3/24 – NIA

3/25 – OLL Class Preview
3/25 – Let’s Dance Together
3/26 – Democratic Club Meeting
3/26 – Folk Legacy Trio Concert (refunds to be issued soon)
3/26 – Chinese Mahjong
3/27 – Ladies’ Friendship Bible Study
3/27 – AARP Driver Safety Course
3/27 – Women’s Yoga
3/25 – SIR 53 Meeting
3/25 – Let’s Dance Together
3/26 – Spanish Club
3/28 – Canine Club Picnic
3/28 – Meditation Meeting
3/29 – Sunday Symposium
3/29 – Movies At Oakmont
3/30 – Oakmont Singles
3/30 – Women’s Yoga
3/31 – NIA

4/06 – Travel and Adventure
4/08 – Garden Club
4/14 – OLL Fundraiser Concert

If an event is not on this list, then it might not be canceled. If you’d like to check, please contact the club directly. If the office knows about it, it’s already on this list.

Updates will be added here:

OVA Board of Directors Election

Please be sure to return your marked ballot by April 4 by mail, or by 10 a.m., April 6 to the Annual Meeting at the Berger Center.

3/17 Town Hall Meeting

The meeting is scheduled to be streamed live on OakmontVillage.com

We are preparing to live stream this board meeting so that people may stay home to aid in preventing the spread of coronavirus. The live stream will be available at OakmontVillage.com/live at 1:00 p.m. when the meeting begins.

Executive Meeting
Tuesday, March 17, 2020 – 12:15 p.m.
OVA Offices 6637 Oakmont Drive
Large Conference Room
Closed Meeting
Click Here To View The Full Agenda

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, March 17, 2020 – 1:00 p.m.
Berger Auditorium, 6633 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa CA 95409
Click Here To View The Full Agenda

Members’ Meeting Packet
Click Here For The Full Members’ Meeting Packet

Wondering what’s up with Oakmont’s parking lots?

This photo gallery shows Travis Black of NorCal Geophysical consultants conducting testing this week to prepare for the construction of solar panels in Oakmont’s three parking areas. The ground-penetrating radar units and equipment send energy into the earth and can detect underground utilities and communication lines, metal pipes, plastic pipes, tree roots, rocks and more… and then give a visual display on a screen.

Black’s final report will inform Solarcraft, the project contractor, helping them avoid underground hazards and make the construction quicker and more efficient. The report will be ready next week.

The project will be hindering parking temporarily.

New Contractor List

Click Here For The New Contractor List

This list was recently updated by OVA’s Architectural Administrator, Christel Antone. Contractors are added to this list after having received 3 recommendations from Oakmont residents who have used their services.

DISCLAIMER. The Association does not endorse or recommend any of the services identified. The Association takes no position as to the suitability of any identified services, nor does the Association take a position as to alternative services not identified. The Association advises that professional advice as to these services should be sought where necessary. Accordingly, the Association is not liable for any claims, issues, or damages associated with the utilization of any of the services identified or negligence of any service providers. Note: State Law requires that contractors performing work totaling $500 or more (including Material and Labor) must be licensed by the Contractors State Licensing Board (CLSB) to work in California. For further information contact the Contractors State License Board: www.cslb.ca.gov or 1-800-321- 2752

Lost & Found To Be Donated Soon

Have you lost an item that you believe may be in the OVA lost & found? Please call or email our office with a description of your item, and we’ll be happy to check the lost & found.

We do not allow for direct browsing of the lost & found to prevent misidentification of items.

In the next couple of weeks, we will be donating items that have remained in our lost & found for over one month.

Our office may be reached at:
707-539-1611 or AskOVA@oakmontvillage.com

AARP Tax-Aide Canceled

The AARP Tax-Aide service will be closed until March 31 to reduce the risk of coronavirus exposure to the volunteers and taxpayers who are working to get tax returns filed. Taxpayers with appointments will be contacted to let them know that the service is being shut down to enable the OVA to close the Berger Center. There are indications that the tax filing deadline will be extended by the IRS, so that there should be no penalties for delaying the service.

OEPC Drill Canceled


I have received responses from about 1/3 of our radio communications team with the majority recommending that we postpone Saturday’s emergency drill and Wednesday’s pre-drill meeting. Given this, I have decided to CANCEL these events. Like you, I will continue to monitor the coronavirus spread. Once the virus has run its course and/or the risk has been mitigated, we will reschedule. Hopefully, this will happen in weeks, not months. Follow CDC recommendations and stay safe! ~ Pat Barclay

March 18 Solar Vendor Fair Canceled

The Residential Solar Project team has determined that the Solar Vendor Fair on Wednesday, March 18, in Berger should be canceled given the rising health concerns.

We are looking at alternatives for the fair including having the vendors make short video presentations that would be posted to our web page.

For those of you who are on the Solar 250 plus email list, we wish to thank you for completing our recent survey. We learned a great deal.

For purposes of the eblast, the announcement should be as follows [no bold type], if indeed it has been canceled. Since the email went to survey respondents, I left it out of the eblast. When you have survey results, we would be happy to do a story.

The Solar Vendor Fair on March 18 has been canceled to mitigate potential community spread of COVID-19. The Residential Solar Project team is reviewing alternate ways for the vendors to give information to interested Oakmont residents. Updates will be provided.

Inside Oakmont

Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee
March 24

Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee will be performing the 40th Anniversary Show of Urban Cowboy, a standing ovation show!
Cost is $55.00 per person.
Doors open at  5:00 p.m.
Show starts at 6:00 p.m.
Show will be at the Berger Center

Seating will be reserved tables so you can bring your own drinks and snacks. Sit back relax and enjoy a wonderful show and a GREAT night out.   Both entertainers are Grammy Winners

If you want to be guaranteed seating with your friends and family you must have all names and payments in one envelope.
Ray Haverson

Spring Class Preview
The Class Preview on March 25th has been canceled. To get the information to you that would have been presented, we will be posting new class information on the Lifelong Learning website. Thank you for your continued support of Oakmont Lifelong Learning.

These classes are still scheduled to begin on April 13th.

  • From Buffoon to Philosopher King: The Many Faces of Abraham Lincoln, Mick Chantler
  • Creating a Global Democracy for a Peaceful, Just and Sustainable World Community, Bob Flax
  • Four Films Revealing Reality: How Documentaries Convince Us, Ernie Rose
  • The Summer of Love: San Francisco Rock in the 1960s, Richie Unterberger
  • Damaged Democracy: On the Root of Contemporary Democratic Dysfunction, David Peritz

Folk Legacy Trio
The Folk Legacy Trio Concert is canceled. Refunds will be automatically processed by early next week. We are working with the band to reschedule this event later in the year.

Kayleen Asbo Concert: Canceled

CAC Coffee Cart

The Coffee Cart in the Central Activity Center will be closed throughout the rest of March, with hopes to return in April.

Senior Social Club Open House Canceled

In the best interest of our clients and in the safety of public health, the Senior Social Club Open House, previously scheduled for March 26 has been canceled until further notice.

Fawn Rescue of Sonoma intends to reschedule this event for late August or early September and hope to see you there. If you purchased tickets through our Eventbrite site, your entire ticket purchase will be refunded back to the original form of payment. Please allow up to 7 days for processing. If you do not receive your refund confirmation via Eventbrite or your bank, please contact info@fawnrescue.org. 

Outside Oakmont

The Following Events Mentioned In Previous E-Blasts Have Been Canceled

The Sonoma State Historic Park events have been canceled.

The Kyle Craft Free Violin Concert scheduled for March 15 is canceled.

The Santa Rosa Children’s Choral Academy concert scheduled for March 29 is canceled.