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Board Meeting 4-20-21

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 – 1:00 PM
ZOOM Webinar And Video Teleconferencing

If you would like to speak during the open forum, please join the meeting with this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82109887128?pwd=Z0ZtalBuZVUyY0VpejE5aGxuVlZaZz09

Passcode: 183086 Webinar ID: 821 0988 7128

If you do not plan to speak during open forum, or cannot use Zoom, please watch with this link: https://oakmontvillage.com/live

If you cannot join via Zoom but would like your open forum comment read, please send it to AskOVA@oakmontvillage.com

Click Here For the 4-20-21 Board Meeting Agenda & Meeting Resolution Packet

Facilities Updates

OVA would like to remind members that guests are currently not permitted to use the Oakmont facilities. For questions, please call the office (707)539-1611.

Fitness Club Expands Reservations 

Starting  April 19, you will be able to work out three days per week. 

Book your reservations by going to oakmontvillage.com/fitness-center/

Library Accepting Selected Donations 

Monday to Friday 

10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

 A cart for donations will be set up only between 10 and 3  Monday through Fridays.  Please do not bring donated items with you into the library but come in afterwards. Signs will be posted directing you. 

The library prides itself on providing a curated collection of best sellers, popular fiction and mystery authors, large print, selected non-fiction and a vast selection of DVDs.   The “wish list” for donations is for 2019-2021 titles, since so many beloved authors published new titles.  These would be most appreciated. Also accepted are pristine copies to replace existing worn copies and to add to our collection. Have any Hemingway?  The recent PBS series has sparked an interest. 

Limit your donations to 10 items. While personal collections have likely grown during the pandemic, the Oakmont Library most needs the categories above. Please contact local charities for items not meeting the donation guidelines.  

Please consider volunteering – the library can always use the community’s help. Email: oakmontvillagelibrary@gmail.com 

What’s Happening In Oakmont?

Second Vaccines April 23 at the East Rec 

Oakmont will host a clinic at the East Rec Center April 23 for second-dose Pfizer vaccines by appointment only from  9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Those who received their first dose of Pfizer at East Rec on April 2, should have made appointments for this clinic.

Please arrive about 15 minutes before your appointed time. You will be seen promptly. Remember to bring your consent forms and CDC vaccination card. Park on the street curbside if you are able to do so. The East Rec parking lot has limited space. This clinic is operated by Safeway Pharmacies for Sonoma County.  

Wells Fargo Post Office Closing 

Oakmont is losing its US Postal Service station in the Wells Fargo bank branch at Oakmont and White Oak Drives. Edith Rocio Robles, a senior vice president for corporate communications, announced the closure effective May 1, citing a decrease in requests for services.  The post office window in the bank has been closed intermittently in recent weeks.   Ms. Robles noted that there are three USPS locations within a 5.5 mile radius of the bank’s Oakmont branch, including the Kenwood Post Office. 

Get Ready To Junk Those Junipers!

Note New Location for May Disposal 

From April 21 to April 26, juniper debris can be taken to the Berger Center where the OVA is providing bins for disposal.  From May 5 to May 10, the disposal bins will be at the Berger.  

The May event has been moved to the Berger to allow for more space for chippers and bins. Questions? Email firewise@oakmontvillage.com 

Check it Out! Twin Lakes HOA is Junking Their Junipers!

An all-volunteer crew of nine Twin Lakes owners spent last Saturday planting 120 new plants and spreading nine yards of decorative rock in village frontage areas where junipers had previously been removed. Many thanks to Twin Lakes board member Mike Sheppard who put the crew together, Bonnie and Frank Pauli, Dennis Hall, Terry Leuthner, Tom Sheppard, Don Edwards, Jeff Thornton and board member Gary Andersen for a job well done. Many dollars were saved by this hard-working group of volunteers.  

Got a project going on in your neighborhood? Tell the Architectural Office about it. Christel@oakmontvillage.com. 

Be Ready For Fire Season

Tuesday, April 27, at 6 p.m. on Zoom 
Presented by UC Master Gardeners Fay Mark and Kirby Wilcox 

Join a FireSafe Marin Zoom call on re-landscaping ideas after the flammable plants are gone and understand how long-term water deficits stress plants and what can be done to keep plants alive during drought.  Drought is an extreme condition for gardening that challenges plant growth and survival.  Learn how to balance the need to conserve water during drought and still have a thriving, healthy garden in the 0-30 foot defensible space surrounding your home.  Get tips on things you can do to help your plants survive as well as immediate actions you can take to maintain your landscape.  For more information on drought effects, click here: http://marinmg.ucanr.edu/PROBLEMS/EXTREME_CONDITIONS/Drought/ 

Join on Facebook live stream or via Zoom: 

Check out the MYN page for the latest Oakmont Ready Tips. The latest include information on Smoke Alarms, Garage Doors, and Fire Extinguishers: https://oakmontvillage.com/myn/

MYN Open Forum

Saturday, April 24, at 11 a.m. on Zoom 
 Sonoma County is already experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions. Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) is offering the first online open forum to answer your questions, hear your ideas and offer assistance to help prepare for the fire season.  

Join Zoom Meeting on Saturday, April 24 at 11 a.m. : 

Many Oakmont neighborhoods are getting ready for their Preparedness Day project. This national recognition on May 1 is supported in Oakmont by Map Your Neighborhood (MYN), the Firewise Committee and the Oakmont Emergency Preparedness Committee (OEPC).  See the April 10 Oakmont News for more details. The links below can also help get you up and running with your own customized project. Explore a list of possible projects, checklists, key steps, safety tips and much more with the Prep Day Toolkit.  

Click here to Download The Toolkit  

Click here for Seven-Firewise-Tips

Click here for the Source

Club News & Events

The Car Show is Back 

Berger Center Parking Lot 

Saturday, May 29 

10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

The 18th edition of the popular show is expected to feature 75 cars on display in the Berger Center parking lot from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. on May 29. The cars, like visitors, will be socially distanced. 

“We’ve all had our shots, hoping visitors will too and be careful about wearing masks,” said Ron Leve who with Mike Murphy is organizing the show for the informal Oakmont car club. 

There will be food for purchase: hamburgers, hot dogs and fries delivered in boxes, Leve said. Tables will be set up for social-distanced dining. 

Covid rules are the main challenge. “The guys with cars are ready to come in, kind of anxious after all this,” Leve said. 

Saturday, June 19, 10 a.m. to 3p.m.  

Berger Parking Lot 

On a spring day in June, check out the displays of local artisans, listen to the music and snack on food from the vendor as you stroll through the spaces in the Berger parking lot. 

Any Oakmont artist or craftsperson is eligible to enter the Faire to display and sell his/her wares. 

Anything loosely considered art or craft, such as paintings, photos, jewelry, quilting, knitting and anything else you might like to display, is considered eligible. 

If you would like to enter the show, contact Carolita Carr at 595-3401 or jbcarr35@gmail.com

Click Here For a Downloadable/Printable Version


Crack Out the Champagne 

Valley of the Moon Tuesday Women’s Golf 

 What do Faherty, Bellomo and DiMaggio have that DeChambeau and Schauffele don’t? What does every golfer from weekend duffer to pro tour regular desire? With 12,000-1 odds and only a 16% success rate, what remains the ultimate goal?  That’s right – a hole in one!!!! 
Congratulations to our VOM Tuesday Women’s Group champs.  Here’s the play-by-play. 
On a bright but chilly morning in January, Kathy Faherty delivered a beautiful shot onto the green and into the 13th hole on the Valley of the Moon course. Two weeks later, Joy Bellomo (VOMTWG captain) followed with one of her own.  You could hear the cheering from #11-14. We know that everything happens in threes, so Joan DiMaggio obliged with another perfect shot to the 13th green, and in it rolled. 

Crack open the champagne! Three cheers for Kathy, Joy and Joan. 


Video Production Club 

Looking for new members and want to re-connect with past members.  You can meet, learn from and share with other video producers. Anyone with a smartphone, video-capable camera or cinema rig can do it. Contact Ken Smith at ken@kenzmyth.com to let him know of your interest in the club and the kind of content you’d like to learn about.  

April 25 at 10:30 a.m. on Zoom 
Kai Bird 
The Outlier: The Life and Presidency of Jimmy Carter 

Sunday Symposium is honored to have Pulitzer Prize Winner Kai Bird present an illuminating re-evaluation of the complex triumphs and tragedies of Jimmy Carter’s presidential legacy.   Ever since Ronald Reagan’s landslide win in November 1980, pundits have labeled Jimmy Carter’s single term in the White House a failed presidency; but Carter’s time as president is a compelling and under-explored story that was marked by both accomplishment and adversity. Kai Bird will help us see Carter’s presidential tenure and accomplishments since then with new eyes. 

Everyone is welcome.  The Zoom link is  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86575636126?pwd=UGhFdWMwMFlqUWNSL3R1dzBBbDNOQT09

Check the schedule for upcoming speakers on the Symposium website:  http://oakmontsundaysymposium.org/upcoming-talks.html 

Genealogy Club 
Understanding Endogamy and Pedigree Collapse 
April 26, 1 p.m. on Zoom 

Typical French Canadian Ancestral Tree 

Weird words, but endogamy and pedigree collapse are important concepts in today’s genealogical research where DNA analysis has become common. 

A surprising number of us have a problem with endogamy in our DNA research (where a relatively small group of people regularly intermarry). Typically associated with the Ashkenazi Jews, it is also typical of the French Canadians, people who lived in Appalachia for generations, native Americans, Mennonites and the Amish.  

But more of us have a problem that is called Pedigree Collapse.  In this case, members of the same family intermarry, so DNA relationships are closer than they might appear. How many of you have a situation where brothers married sisters? In this case, what appear to be second-cousin relationships are instead quite similar in DNA to first-cousin relationships. This is called pedigree collapse. 

This meeting will discuss these problems and how to analyze your DNA relationships to better understand how to deal with endogamy or pedigree collapse. 

If you want an invitation, email oakmontancestry@gmail.com

Spring Bulb Fundraiser 

Soroptomist International of Oakmont Wine Country 

Soroptimist International (SI) Oakmont Wine Country will be selling Dutch Mill Bulbs for Mother’s Day for this year’s Spring Fundraiser. It’s a great way to beautify the community and fund the Soroptimist Dreams Programs, especially the Dream It Be It virtual mentoring and career support program for middle school and high school girls in Sonoma Valley.  The goal is to raise $2,000. 

SI Oakmont Wine Country will earn at least 50% profit on every package of bulbs sold.  

Dutch Mill Bulbs are economically priced and guaranteed by Dutch Mill Bulbs to grow and bloom; ordering is easy and shipping is fast.  Just pop them in the ground when you get them for effortless fall beauty year after year.  Bulbs make an easy gift and can be sent directly through the Dutch Mill site to your friends or family.  

The link below is specifically for SI at Dutch Mill Bulbs. Use it for easy ordering good through  

June 1, 2021.