Oakmont E-Blast 4-3-2020

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Important Info

All OVA Facilities Closed
All Events Canceled

All indoor and outdoor OVA facilities are closed until further notice. All events hosted in OVA facilities are canceled. Some clubs and groups have chosen to meet virtually using tools like Zoom. If you are unsure if your club or group is meeting virtually, please contact them directly.

President’s Message

The Sonoma County Health Services department has recently fielded numerous calls from concerned Oakmont residents. Callers have been clogging the phone lines stating that, despite the county’s recent Orders, Oakmont residents are continuing to walk on our golf courses (some are apparently even using Nextdoor to flaunt the fact they’re doing so) and gather there and elsewhere without recommended social distancing. As a result, I’m told by a county employee, Oakmont is now “on the county’s radar” for ranger and police action.

Click Here For The Full President’s Message

Town Hall: Club Insurance Coverage

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 – 1:00 p.m.

Cover Letter

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Insurance Coverage FAQ

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A Town Hall meeting on the Association’s insurance will be held on April 7 at 1 p.m. via live streaming. AJ Scott with Cline Insurance will provide information on the OVA insurance policy and as it pertains to clubs. Members may email questions while the meeting is live to askova@oakmontvillage.com.

The live streaming can be accessed at https://oakmontvillage.com/live.

I. Welcome/Overview
II. Presentation – Association Insurance
AJ Scott with Cline Insurance will be present via Zoom (Virtually) from her location in Southern California to discuss the Association’s Insurance, Club Insurance and the FAQ’s regarding Club Insurance.
III. Questions and Answers
Members will be able to send their questions to ASKOVA@Oakmontvillage.com during the meeting.
IV. Adjournment

Contact OVA Staff Members

The OVA Administrative Office is closed. We are able to check our messages from out of the office, but we are not able to answer calls, for this reason we are encouraging everyone to contact staff via email whenever possible.

Calling All Healthcare Professionals

New Executive Order Aimed at COVID-19 surge as California looks for ways to fight COVID-19, a new major initiative is encouraging health care professionals with active licenses to join the California Health Corps (CHC). Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the executive order today to expand the health care workforce and staff at least an additional 50,000 hospital beds that may be needed to fight the COVID-19 surge. The order is aimed at recruiting professionals with an active license, including public health professionals, medical retirees, medical and nursing students, or members of medical disaster response teams in California. Those able to join can sign up at healthcorps.ca.gov. A media release from the Governor’s office said, “Medical doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, behavioral health scientists, pharmacists, EMTs, medical and administrative assistants, as well as certified nursing assistants are encouraged to step up and meet this moment to help California respond to the outbreak.” A link to the announcement and accompanying information can be found here. https://www.gov.ca.gov/2020/03/30/governor-newsom-announces-california-health-corps-a-major-initiative-to-expand-health-care-workforce-to-fight-covid-19/


Several “liquid amber” trees along White Oak Drive were felled this past week by Oakmont’s landscape contractor after they were classified as hazardous.

Contractor arborist David Huppe reported that the trees were diseased. In addition to being too close to power lines, their aggressive roots were damaging the sidewalk and irrigation system. Liquid amber trees are also on the OVA “do not plant” list.

Huppe told OVA, “The tree species is known for aggressive root systems, dangerous seed pods, and limbs that split off frequently,” posing a hazard to cars in the parking lot and people.

The contractor, True North, cut down the first of the trees and chipped them for spreading in the area. Four remaining liquid ambers are also to be removed.             

OVA General Manager Kevin Hubred said the trees could be replaced with crape myrtle trees when that type of work can resume after the coronavirus restrictions end.

Update from Advance Golf Partners

Since our last email, sent Saturday, March 29th, we have heard from a great many of you. We left too much up to inference in our last communication and apologize for not offering more context and clarity.

In the past few days, some members of the community have thanked us, and some have asked us to change our policy.  Unfortunately, it is not our policy to change. Last week, the Sonoma County public health officer ordered a closure of “all agencies and jurisdictions operating parks and open spaces in Sonoma County, including city, county, state and federal parklands and recreational lands operated by private groups and nonprofits.”

The golf course land is an open space and is operated by a private group. Therefore, we sent an email alerting all of you that we could no longer encourage or allow walking on the golf course. 

We understand, even more so after the responses over the weekend, the gravity this change is having on the community. On Monday, Larry reached out to Sonoma County to see if they did, in fact, believe this order applied to the Oakmont community. Larry spoke directly with the public health officer, who confirmed that being out on the course fell under the order. 

For that reason, walking is not allowed on either golf course. Biking and use of a private cart on the course are also not allowed. 

If anything changes with the county, we will react accordingly. Our priority is to be a responsible member of the Santa Rosa community, and will follow all orders from the county and state. 

We will not be able to post any employees on the course to enforce the no walking order because we are not an essential business. We are only approved to operate minimum basic operations, as we communicated in a previous email. This is why you may see employees operating maintenance on the golf courses.

No walking signs have been posted this morning around the parking lots to serve as a reminder, and to educate those who are not part of our email distribution.

We look forward to easier days ahead but, in the meantime, we are relying on each of you to adhere to these county mandates with us.

Thank you,
The Advance Golf Team 

I’ve done my best to respond to each of you, but I apologize if I missed anyone. If you have further questions, I will do my best to answer them, but we have shared every piece of information we have on this topic. – Kenna

Valley of the Moon Club
7025 Oakmont Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95409 | (707) 539-0415

Food and Activity Resources

Click Here For The Food and Activity Resource List

We are continuing to update our food and activity resource list with helpful information on ways to get food and things to do whilst sheltering-in-place. Please send any suggestions to askova@oakmontvillage.com.

Items on the list include…

Sheltering Sing-Along
Listen every day at 7 p.m. for a new sing-along song. Join us in a positive moment for every one share. Turn up your radios and enjoy the moment.
~ shared with the office by Gordon Freedman

Umpqua Bank – Offering “essentials” delivery appointments
They are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.  Must call ahead for an appointment.

Mei-Don Open 12 – 7:30 p.m. for take-out

Noble Spoon – Home Delivered Meals
8 gourmet meal options at $9 per meal + tax
Seasonal 16oz. soup of the week at $5.75 + tax
To order meals for delivery, please contact (707) 525-0143.

Oakmont Village Market707-539-2434
$25 minimum delivery.
Store Hours: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Individual Easter dinners for pre-order. Please contact us for additional details or to place your order.

Ballot Counting and Annual Members Meeting Postponed

On the recommendation of our lawyers, OVA is postponing the annual members meeting, ballot counting and organizational meeting for 90 days. There will be no meeting on Monday, April 6 to keep our ballot counters and others who would be in the room safe. 

In recent days, our Inspector of Elections and several ballot counters expressed extreme discomfort with showing up in the same room, in violation of the shelter-in-place Orders of the county and state, to count ballots. We, therefore, checked with our legal team, which is facing similar situations around the state, and they recommended the action we today announce. Ballot counting is not an essential activity. 

That is particularly true in a year when our election features four incumbent candidates running for four board positions. A quorum was achieved weeks ago, so we know we have a valid election. All four candidates will be elected. The only drama is who will receive the least votes. That person will get a one- rather than a two-year term. 

Because all four candidates will serve at least one year, the composition of the board will remain the same for the next year. The election will, therefore, have zero impact on Oakmont projects and politics. The ballot counting process, on the other hand, violates the county’s Order and subjects the counters to unnecessary risks. 

We’ll revisit the issue within 90 days. If a shelter-in-place order still exists at that point, we’ll consider pushing the election further out. 

The good news is that California led the nation in taking actions we hope and believe will “flatten the curve.” With any luck, that will allow our state’s medical system to cope with the virus that is now ravaging other states. 

Kevin Hubred 
Oakmont Village Association General Manager 

Inside Oakmont

April-May Classes Canceled by Tina Nerat Due to COVID-19 virus and shelter-in-place orders from the County and State, OTLC has canceled all April and May classes. Refunds are being processed and will be sent out. In early May we will determine whether June classes will be canceled as well. www.oakmont-learning.org Oakmont Technology Learning CenterOakmont Technology Learning Centerwww.oakmont-learning.orgwill have updated information. Please be safe everyone!

I hope all are doing well and staying healthy. This is to let you all know we have canceled our Cinco De Mayo dinner/ dance that was on May 8, 2020. It looks like our virus will still be with us and the last thing we want is to take the chance of spreading it around. I will keep you all posted on other events Sha-Boom has planned in the future. Marie and I are very sorry to have to do this but better safe than sorry. You all stay safe and remember the six-foot rule. Feel free to call me at 707-539-6666 or e-mail me at haversonr@comcast.net.
~ Ray Haverson

Unfortunately, all Spring classes have been canceled.  Credit card registrations have been refunded and registrations made by personal check are being processed by Santa Rosa Junior College and will arrive shortly. 

Lifelong Learning is also canceling our Campbell Jazz concert scheduled for May 7. Refunds have been processed through PayPal. For questions regarding refunds, please contact oakmontlifelonglearning@gmail.com. 

Please watch this section of Oakmont News for news on upcoming concerts and Fall classes. 

Upcoming Virtual Events

Teleconferencing events are included as well.
If you’re holding a virtual event that is open to the entire community, please let us know, and we may be able to include it in next week’s e-blast.

Oakmont Caregiver Support Group

The Oakmont Caregiver Support Group IS continuing to meet during the month of April—but by conference call. You are welcome to join in! To participate, contact Vickie Jackanich (707-595-3054) or Dorothy Foster, LMFT (707-793-2152) for details.

Sunday Symposium

Sunday, April 5 at 10:30 there will be a Sunday Symposium lecture on the 2020 Census. To access this talk go to the Sunday Symposium website: oakmontsundaysymposium.org. There will not be a lecture on April 12 as it is Easter Sunday. We have posted Mark Randol’s talk on YouTube. In case you missed it, here’s a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1HDU2H1BnE. To be on our email list, send a message to sundaysymposium@gmail.com.

Great Decisions

Monday, April 6 at 10:00 there will be a Great Decisions discussion on Child Labor. If you’re not on the email list, please email oakmontgd@gmail.com and we’ll send you the information about the call.

Futures Club

Wednesday, April 8 at 4 p.m. for the Futures Club. The topic will be “10 Things you need to do NOW to get ready for Fire Season and Power Outages”. It may seem weird to be talking about PSPS events and the fire season, but they will soon be on us and we have had a very dry rainy season. What we can do now is to develop our plans and check our equipment. We’ve got extra time now and let’s put it to good use! If you’re interested, please email futureoakmont@gmail.com and we’ll send you the information about the call. Previous Futures Club lectures are now on our website at http://oakmontfuture.com/.


Friday, April 10 at 11 AM for the Genealogy Club.  The topic will be research on Louisa May Alcott, one of the most famous women of the 19th Century.  If you’re interested, please email oakmontancestry@aol.com and we’ll send you the information about the call.
Previous Genealogy Club talks are available on the genealogy club website under Recent Presentations: www.oakmontgenclub.org.

Just For Fun

… we thought it was a good time to reintroduce this section… enjoy 🙂

Gophers on the golf course are reportedly sheltering in place. The architectural office may send a notice to the gophers soon, pending a gopher-distancing check to see if the holes are 6-feet apart.

The photo was taken by Cathy Rapp, on the 1st fairway of the Valley of the Moon Golf club course (formerly west course).

Pre-Coronavirus Prep

Post-Coronavirus Life

Deciphering Social Distancing

And a couple of non-COVID-19 related items to finish things up…

These photos from Kathleen Sowers show signs of spring: a honey bee nest and a flowering tree with graft so it is in 2 colors: