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The ‘Easter Shrub’ was in full bloom this weekend!

The Easter egg shrub is in bloom on Miramonte Place – just in time for Spring 
Photo by Shirley Phillips 


Friendly Reminder: Club submissions are due on Thursdays by 8 p.m.

2021 Board Election Results

There were 1460 ballots received. The ballots were counted during the 55th Annual Meeting of The Members on April 5, which was live streamed to membership. Five candidates won positions on the OVA board.

The 2021 Board Election results are as follows:

1st place – Noel Lyons – 1, 174 votes

2nd place – Mark Randol – 1171 votes

3rd place – Heidi Klyn – 1,143 votes

4th place – Jeff Young – 989 votes

5th place – Wayne Van Bockern – 763 votes

6th place – Ken Smith – 752 votes

The Organizational Board meeting took place 2 p.m. where Tom Kendrick was elected as President, Heidi Klyn was elected as Vice President, Noel Lyons was elected as Secretary, and Elke Strunka was elected as Treasurer. You can log in and watch the full recording of the ballot counting and organizational board meeting on the website.

The 2021 OVA Board of Directors, Photo By Julie Kiil (everyone pictured are several weeks after their second vaccine, and all agreed to have photos without their masks)

Below are photos from the East Rec with Thomas Johnson/Grapevine – Inspector of Elections & OVA Staff counting ballots April 5, 2021.

Thomas Johnson  “TJ” inspects one of the envelopes

OVA Town Hall 4/6

OVA Town Hall 

April 6 at 1 p.m. on Zoom 

Focus on Decks 

A virtual town hall meeting on April 6 will feature scientist Stephen Quarles, Ph.D, who will talk about how deck materials and designs fare in wildfires. In the late 1990s, Quarles joined the University of California Forest Products Lab, where his research focused on the durability and in-service performance issues of wood-frame buildings and exterior-use materials subjected to wildfire exposures. Upon retirement from the University of California, he served as chief scientist for wildfire and durability with the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) focusing on wildfire protection for residential and light commercial buildings to improve the moisture-related durability and resilience of buildings following hurricane/high-wind events.   

Quarles earned a bachelor’s degree in wood science from Virginia Tech and a Master’s and Ph.D. in Wood Science from the University of Minnesota. He is a member of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), is the editor-in-chief of the Forest Products Journal and serves on several national boards for fire prevention and protection. He is a director of Firesafe Marin and lives in Mill Valley. 

Click Here To View The Town Hall Agenda.


Webinar ID: 840 9276 1360    Webinar Passcode:  859347 

Facilities Updates

The Fitness Center is relying on volunteers to check people in at the door and to be sure that everyone is wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and cleaning the equipment after use.  New guidelines for the Fitness Center use:  

  •  Six members are allowed to exercise for 50-minute time slots Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The center will be closed from 11-noon for lunch and on weekends 
  • Sign-ups will be limited to twice per week 
  • Reservations must be made online on the Fitness Center reservation page.  Click on the link for the video to guide you through the new reservation system.   www.oakmontvillage.com/book

To access the gym:   

You will enter the gym on the right side of the CAC before the pool gate and turn left into the weight room area after checking in with a volunteer.  The weight area and much equipment has been taped off to prohibit use.  Designated machines are available and chosen by trainer John Phillips for upper and lower body strength and cardio workouts. After your 50 minutes, you will exit the gym behind the office or use that door to utilize the restrooms off of the patio.   

After a smooth opening, the library is ready to move into Phase 2 – the return of library items, including puzzles and DVDs.  These items will have “Property of Oakmont Village Library” stickers on them. Bring these to a separate outside drop off area near the lawn bowling green where a cart will be set up between 10-3, Monday to Friday only. Do not bring these items with you into the library but come in afterwards. Signs will be posted directing you. No donations until Phase 3.  You are asked to limit your returns to 10 items, or our volunteers will be overwhelmed.  

Only five in the library at a time, maintain social distancing outside the CAC until let in by the library volunteer.  Masks required. You are encouraged to wait until you have been double-vaccinated +2 weeks to visit.  The community’s cooperation will be key to a successful reopening. Stay tuned for further details as they become available. 

In the meantime, please continue to keep books you wish to donate at your home. Donation guidelines will be posted before Phase 3 when donations will be accepted. 
Consider volunteering – the library can always use the community’s help.  

Email: oakmontvillagelibrary@gmail.com 

Tudy Calegari with the many cheerful “Welcome Back” signs greeting residents back to our library on opening day.  The library volunteers encourage people to check out items   to make room for the incoming inventory once the books are available to shelve again. 

Photo By Julie Kiil

Pickleball courts closed April 13th-18th, reopening on the 19th barring any unforeseen circumstances. 

Valley of the Moon greens will be aerated from April 11 through April 13 if the weather cooperates. 

Take a Stroll on the Beautiful Courses 

Oakmont Golf Courses Walking Schedules  

Month of April  

CourseCo has issued the following hours and guidelines for walking safely on golf courses. The hours may be adjusted monthly.  

Morning Walking Schedule: 

  • Oakmont members can access both the Valley of the Moon and Sugarloaf courses from any location seven days per week from daybreak to 7:00 a.m. when golf play begins. All walkers must be off the courses at 7 a.m. 
  • CourseCo’s maintenance crew begins work on the courses at 6:00 a.m. each day, so morning walkers should be aware that there will be golf maintenance equipment moving on the courses during the morning walking schedule. 

Afternoon Walking Schedule: 

  • Two days per week – both courses – Wednesdays and Thursdays 
  • Start times for the afternoon walking schedule will be adjusted monthly in accordance with daylight hours  
  • April afternoon walk time will start at 6:30 p.m. on each course 
  • Access to each course is limited initially to the first tee and must follow the respective course layout thereafter 
  • Golfers with tee times before the afternoon walking schedule will be on the course continuing their golf round as normal  
  • No new golf play will be initiated after the afternoon walking schedule begins, thereby ensuring the safety of the walkers.  

General Guidelines:  

  • Dogs are allowed on the courses during the walking schedule but must be on a leash at all times, and owners are required to pick up after their dogs 
  • Bicycle riding is not permitted at any time 
  • CourseCo and the OVA ask all Oakmonters to adhere to the Walking Schedules as outlined 
  • Walking on the courses during golf play is prohibited  
  • Those who do not adhere to this prohibition risk not only potential personal injury but also hinder CourseCo’s ability to attract golf play necessary to operate a successful golf business. 

Junk The Junipers

Junk The Junipers – You Asked, We Listened!

Junk the Junipers is just a few weeks away. Juniper debris can be hauled to the Berger April 21-26. A second event takes place May 5 – 10.

Christel Antone, Architectural Director, displays awareness signs that will rotate throughout Oakmont as homeowners launch removal of junipers. Below is a photo of Oak Island owners who started taking out junipers in December and finished up this week, using every Wednesday morning to fill their green bins with cuttings. In all, they estimate they removed over 250 bushes.  

Photo By Joan Moore

Club Info & Other News

AARP Tax-Aide still has two ways to help Oakmonters get free, drop-off tax service this year.  

1. There are a few appointments available for Wednesday, April 21.  Call 707-596-3384.  Drop-off will be in one of the two tents in front of the CAC. 

2. The Franklin Park Clubhouse site will be open through May 6, Tuesdays and Thursdays, for drop-off service.  Call 707-536-1518 for more information or to get an appointment. Franklin Park Clubhouse is located near the Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery at 2095 Franklin Ave in Santa Rosa.  

The last day to file your 2020 Taxes is May 17. 

April 11, 2021, at 10:30 a.m. on Zoom 
John Newman, MD 

The Buck Institute 
Aging into the Future with Gusto 

We are all getting older – this lecture could help us do it better.   Dr. Newman studies the causes of aging down to the cellular and molecular level.  Among the things his lab studies are ketones … you know … the current diet technique of eating to encourage ketosis so you burn fat for energy.  Dr. Newman will tell us about that process as well as other important facets that will let us add years without adding pain.  As the Buck Institute puts it:  “Live Better Longer.”  

Everyone is welcome.   The Zoom link is  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86575636126?pwd=UGhFdWMwMFlqUWNSL3R1dzBBbDNOQT09

Check the schedule and upcoming speakers on the Symposium website:  http://oakmontsundaysymposium.org/upcoming-talks.html 

Oakmont Canine Club  

Tuesday, April 13 at 3 p.m. on Zoom 

Our 2nd Canine Club meeting of 2021 is again a virtual meeting that both you and your pup can attend via ZOOM. We will talk general Canine Club and Dog Park news. Our featured speaker, Shirley Zindler, is founder of Dogwood Animal Rescue. We also have more gift cards and WOOF hats to give away! Names are drawn at the end of the meeting; but you must RSVP to be eligible. Please RSVP to: periolinger@yahoo.com, if you plan on attending or need the Zoom link. Not a Canine Club member? That’s OK! All Oakmont dog lovers are welcome to attend. Contact Peri to request an invitation link or to RSVP. WOOF! 

April 13 at 11 a.m. on Zoom 

Paul Lowenthal 

City of Santa Rosa Assistant Fire Marshal 

 Paul Lowenthal is the Assistant Fire Marshal for the City of Santa Rosa Fire Department and has worked as both a firefighter and in fire prevention for the last 22 years.  He is currently a board member of Fire Safe Sonoma and is managing the development of the City’s Vegetation Management Program and the implementation of the Community Wildfire Protection Plan within the Santa Rosa Fire Department. Lowenthal is also the Department’s Public Information Officer and manages Community Outreach. He is a member of the County’s Alert and Warning Subcommittee and leads the City’s Debris Task Force following the Tubbs and Nunns Fires of 2017, now coordinates recovery task forces for the Glass Fire of 2020. 

SIRS #92 is open to new members, but membership is not required to attend the meetings. To participate, contact Bern Lefson at blefson@gmail.com

April 14 on Zoom at 4 p.m. 

Fire Prevention – What’s New?

Post 2017 and 2019 fires – what have we learned? A new acronym, PSPS, has become a familiar term – Public Service Power Shutoff; and many Oakmonters have measures in place, such as solar batteries, generators, portable power stations. It’s never too early to be ready and take fire prevention measures. Representatives from the Santa Rosa Fire Department and PG&E will address changes and what’s in store for us as we prepare for the next fire season. Bring your questions for a lively discussion.  

This will be a meeting of the Futures Club. If you want an invitation to the Zoom meeting, email futureoakmont@gmail.com

Map Your Neighborhood’s new “Oakmont Ready Tips” for this week commemorate the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. These ‘shakey’ Tips provide important information on when to Drop, Cover & Hold, as well as things you can do to prepare before the “big one” hits the Rogers Fault running through Santa Rosa.

“Oakmont Ready Tips” are designed as short pdfs that can be printed and stored in a binder. Stay tuned for more exciting Tips next week! Click here to see all the Tips released so far.

Working on Reopening 

While the Oakmont Fitness Center and Library are now open in a limited way, the OTLC classroom is not cleared to open. OTLC is working towards starting classes in the fall; but before then, safety and health guidelines need to be met to insure that instructors are comfortable with teaching. Between now and the fall, there is a lot of work to do planning and implementing configuration changes to the classroom to meet social distancing requirements as well as installing computer and audio-visual upgrades. Meantime, read tech articles in Oakmont News or visit the web site at www.oakmont-learning.org