Oakmont E-Blast 6-5-2020

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Important Info

President’s Message

Golf Club Update

It was my pleasure this week to meet and talk with Dennis Stankovic, the new General Manager of our two golf clubs: the (newly opened) Club at Sugarloaf and the Valley of the Moon Club. I believe Dennis has exactly the right experience, knowledge and temperament for the job; he’ll be a great addition to the AGP team.

Dennis is relocating to Santa Rosa from Southern California, where he enjoyed numerous promotions during a successful 15-year career with American Golf Corporation. As a Regional Manager, Dennis oversaw operations at seven golf facilities and has led two multi-million dollar capital improvement projects.

That’s the (really) good news. The bad news is…

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Getting Back in the Swim

We’re aware that you’re eager for the pools. Once the actual county order has been issued, staff will be working to open the pools as soon as we can, under conditions that are safe for everyone. The pools have been maintained during the shelter in place, and there will likely be other things required before we can open pools. We’ll be sending an e-blast announcement as soon as we have a definite timetable and guidelines.

Zoom Presentation Showcases New Android App 

Do you wish your cell phone was easier to use? Too many steps to get to what you want? Do mobility or cognitive issues cause you problems?

Come to a Zoom meeting Wednesday, June 17 at 4 p.m. and learn about a new Android app for people with accessibility issues.

The new app, called Action Blocks, came on the market with help from several Oakmonters including members of the Futures Club who met with a Google tech team to provide feedback.  The virtual meeting allows an opportunity to see the app in action, and the developers will be keynote presenters. An invitation to the Zoom meeting will be in the June 12 e-Blast. To join the Futures Club email list, and to be informed of upcoming meetings and presentations, send an email to oakmontfuture@gmail.com or view the recent presentations: www.oakmontfuture.com.

Fire Preparedness Town Hall

June 9 – An Invitation to Join from Senator Mike McGuire

As the summer heats up, we all know wildfire season is just around the corner. One of the most important lessons we have learned since the 2017 North Bay Fire Storm is that we must become better prepared to keep our families and communities safe.

That’s why we wanted to check-in today. We’re partnering with California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara, Marin County’s Fire Chief Jason Weber and Santa Rosa’s Fire Chief Tony Gossner to host a Fire Preparedness Telephone Town Hall Tuesday on June 9 at 6:30 p.m.  

We will provide the very latest from fire officials about efforts we can all take to harden our homes and better prepare our communities from the threat of wildfires. Commissioner Lara will focus on bringing stability to the residential insurance market. Insurance companies have been issuing a record number of non-renewal insurance notices to homeowners due to the increasing threat of wildfire. Of course, you’ll be able to email questions ahead of time and also ask in real-time during Tuesday’s Telephone Town Hall.

Here are the details:

Who: Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara; Senator Mike McGuire; Santa Rosa Fire Chief Tony Gossner; and Marin County Fire Chief Jason Weber.

What: Telephone Town Hall on Wildfire Preparedness and Insurance 

When: This coming Tuesday, June 9,  at 6:30 p.m.

How to attend: Dial 844-721-7241, enter code 7593289 and follow the prompts. You will be connected to the live town hall via telephone and you will be able to listen to the speakers providing critical updates. 

How to join the conversation on and get involved with the Town Hall: Please RSVP and submit your questions and comments to crb@insurance.ca.gov with Senator McGuire in the subject line. 

We look forward to talking with you at the Telephone Town Hall next week!

Map Your Neighborhood

Map Your Neighborhood is ​now more important than ever.  Getting to know your neighbors so you can help each  other is critical as :

  • We are staying at home​; 
  • PG&E is planning more PSPS​; and 
  • Wildfire season will soon be upon us.

Please help your neighborhood stay safe and save lives!  You CAN learn about MYN, prepare and plan, talk with your neighbors and then see how far you can get with the MYN plan until you can meet in person. ​Now’s the time!

AARP Free Income Tax Service In Oakmont Has Been Closed 

We are very sorry to announce that AARP volunteers will not be able to complete any additional returns for the 2019 tax year.  We are canceling all pending appointments.  You must either complete your return yourself or We are very sorry to announce that AARP volunteers will not be able to complete any additional returns for the 2019 tax year.  All pending appointments are canceled. You must either complete your return yourself or use a paid preparation service such as H&R Block or Liberty Tax to help you.

AARP will be contacting everyone with a previously existing appointment and those who contacted us after we closed our service in mid-March to make sure you understand your options.

The current deadline for filing your taxes is July 15.  We expect the IRS to announce any further extensions to the filing deadline for 2019 returns by around June 15.  

If it   grants a later due date for everyone,  you will only need to contact a preparer and complete your return by the new date.  If the IRS doesn’t move the date  and you feel you don’t have time to get your return done by July 15, you will need to file for an extension, which will give you until October 15 to complete your return.

You can file for the extension by downloading IRS Form 4868 and mailing it in or by using the IRS e-file system to file electronically using the information from your 2018 return.

We will be able to help you file for an extension if you were on our appointment schedule or if we did your 2018 tax return. If the website is too hard to navigate, we can help you over the phone to file by mail. If you don’t have Internet access, we can print out the form and mail or drop it off at your home.

There are several reasons for this cancelation.  Remember, we are volunteers, so our charter under IRS rules is limited.  We cannot work on your taxes unless you are physically present in the room with us.  Of course, it’s impossible to meet physical distancing rules with preparers and clients in  proximity.  To do so would pose a danger to both the preparers and the clients.  Commercial preparers are legally able to process materials you drop off at their offices and this year that is the best option for everyone.

We are very disappointed that the preparers won’t be able to provide any further services this year.  Please remember to watch the news for announcements of filing deadline changes and look for a commercial tax preparer service as soon as possible to complete your 2019 filing.

Any questions, call Frank Tindal at 707-537-6927.

No Cost Senior Peer Counseling Services

Provided by West County Community Services

In this stressful and isolating time, we are reaching out to be sure our In this stressful and isolating time, we are reaching out to be sure our senior community knows that individual senior peer counseling services are available via phone, Zoom or FaceTime.

Volunteer senior pPeer counselors are caring individuals who offer  support to help other seniors share concerns and gain a healthier perspective and better emotional balance. Senior peer counselors are all seniors themselves who volunteer their time to work with other seniors providing 12 sessions of supportive counseling free of cost. All senioreer counselors have completed training and receive ongoing supervision by a licensed professional.

To request senior peer counseling services or more information,  call WCCS’s Senior Programs at 823-1640 ext. 380. Leave a message with your contact information and We will   call you back to answer questions and/or start the process of matching you with a senior peer counselor.

Support is available.  Please reach out and make use of it in these difficult times.

Inside Oakmont

Oakmont Hiking Club is back on the trails.

The Hiking Club has been back in operation for the last two weeks since more of the parks in Sonoma County were opened to vehicle parking. Now coastal parks, including State Parks should be open by this weekend, and ourThe Hiking Club has been back in operation for the last two weeks since more of the parks in Sonoma County were opened to vehicle parking. Now coastal parks, including state parks should be open by this weekend, and our excitement knows no bounds. A new ongoing schedule of long, intermediate, and short hikes is being developed. All hikers should read and follow the third amended version of the Health Department order regarding the use of parks:  https://socoemergency.org/june-2-amendment-to-health-order-no-c19-13/. In addition to the requirements therein, the club discourages car pooling except for the same households and does not pass around any paper copies of information. Oakmonters’ attentions are particularly drawn to section 13 regarding people over 65 using discretion and best judgment in the choice of activities. For those who wish to exercise with us in the great outdoors, especially new members inspired by their walking in Oakmont and the golf courses, please visit the  website, oakmonthikingclub.com , for the most up to date, if changeable, information.

See you on the trail!

June 7 – Bears of Sonoma County

Pre-Recorded Lecture Sunday Morning and Q&A at 4:30 p.m.

On June 7, Megan Walla-Murphy.  They’re Back!  After half a century of They’re back!  After half a century of dwindling population, the black bears of Sonoma County are returning.  Tune in to hear wildlife tracker and ecologist Meghan Walla-Murphy share her love for these noble ursines.  She’ll educate us on the life of bears and will show us how we can peacefully co-exist with these beautiful animals in safety.

Next week (June 14) will feature Iris Harrell who will show us how to make our house ready for fire season.

Lectures are pre-recorded and available on the website (www.oakmontsundaysymposium.org) Sunday morning.  We will have a live Q&A %with the speaker this week only at 4:30 p.m. 

If you are interested in attending, sign into the Sunday Symposium website at www.oakmontsundaysymposium.org and click on “Live.”  There will be instructions on how to watch the presentation and participate in the Q&A.

June 8 – 10 a.m. – Hong Kong

The Oakmont Great Decisions Discussion Groups are continuing to meet The Oakmont Great Decisions discussion groups are continuing to meet every Monday at 10 a.m.  The topic for Monday, June 8, will be  Hong Kong and will review the history of the “One National, Two Systems” arrangement between China and Hong Kong and whether that is now reaching an end.

If you’re not on the email list and want an invitation, send an email to oakmontgd@gmail.com.

If you haven’t been attending OHI’s Free Fitness Class with JoRene, check out the video below to see what you’ve been missing:

The workout begins at 15 minutes in to the video.

OVA is excited to announce that OHI’s Free Fitness Class has returned with JoRene via Zoom. You may join in the fun at 9 a.m. on Monday and Wednesday next week with this information:
Meeting ID: 967 9942 2442

Monday- please have a wall nearby

Wednesday- please have weights available

Forrest Yoga with Carol King, RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher)

Cost: $60 for 6 classes.  Payments to 9327 Oak Trail Circle or pay online at Venmo.com @carol-king-95

Chair Stretch & Balance class returns to Oakmont on Zoom

Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m.

It’s time to feel better in your body.  Move at the pace your body needs.  Find your breath and gently stretch, challenge and strengthen all of you.

Equipment: 1) yoga strap   2) yoga block   3) free weights **

Props can be ordered from Yogadirect.com, YogaOutlet.com, Gaiam.com, Amazon, Target and many other places.

New Students – Please email Carol at carolking1234@yahoo.com prior to the day you want to join the class.

Forrest Yoga Classes on Zoom
When: Tuesdays 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.
Thursdays 10 – 11 a.m.
Saturdays 9 – 10 a.m.

yoga mat, yoga blanket (or use a rolled beach towel) -see above for other substitutions and ordering info.

Genealogy Club

June 12 – 11 a.m.  Elizabeth Blackwell

The Oakmont Genealogy Club is continuing with our weekly lecture series on famous women of the 19th Century, with a particular focus on sThe Oakmont Genealogy Club is continuing with its  weekly lecture series on famous women of the 19th Century with a particular focus on suffragettes.  The lectures are each Friday at 11 a.m. and  are recorded and posted on the website – www.oakmontgenclub.org – under “Recent Presentations.”

The lecture for June 12 will focus on Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to become a doctor in the United States and the first woman to be recognized as a doctor in England.

ALICE PAUL!  Our last lecture in this series will be June 26 and will focus on Alice Paul.  If you personally have any contact with someone who knew Alice Paul, please email the club.  If you’re not on our email list and want an invitation, send an email to oakmontancestry@aol.com.