Oakmont E-Blast 7-13-2021

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Fire Safe Fair

Thursday, July 15, from 4:00-6:30 p.m. 
Berger Center 

Help raise awareness around wildfire protection this Thursday during an afternoon of information, great food, local entertainment and lots of prizes and giveaways. Along with Oakmont’s preparedness groups, more than a dozen local and regional vendors and public safety agencies will offer emergency preparedness resources and expertise on everything from home hardening and defensible space to safety and prevention. Oakmont Village Assoc. (OVA), Map Your Neighborhood (MYN), Firewise Committee, and Oakmont Emergency Preparedness Committee (OEPC) are event hosts. 

Barbecued tri-tip, chicken and veggie burgers are all on the menu, and Oakmont’s own Moonlighters will provide lively music. 

Raffle items include one Vulcan Vent whole house installation; one home application of Fortify long-term fire retardant; NOAA Radios, and much more. 

 There will be a live demonstration at the Vulcan burn trailer that shows the effectiveness of special vents. 

If you are interested in joining the ranks of needed volunteers for this event, please contact Danielle in the OVA office at dani@oakmontvillage.com

Blood Pressure Clinic 

Reopening August 4 at 10:30 a.m. 
Berger Center  

The Blood Pressure Clinic at the Berger Center will be returning on Wednesday, August 4, at 10:30 a.m.  Masks will be required at all times, and social distancing must be followed when waiting for your turn. No appointment is needed, and there is no charge. 

There is a need for volunteer nurses to keep this program going.  If you are interested, please contact Del Baker at 539-1657 or dolorita@sonic.net 

ONT/CoA Grant Application

Oakmont Neighbors Together and Council-on-Aging Partner on Grant Assistance

Oakmont Neighbors Together, in partnership with Council on Aging, will now be providing one-time grants of up to $300 to give Oakmont residents some assistance in addressing an urgent financial need.  A simple application (see link below) will be submitted directed to Council on Aging and will remain confidential. 

Funds will be paid directly to the vendor or service provider (e.g., utility, car/home repair, auto registration, OVA dues, medical/dental or arborist/landscaper) on behalf of the Oakmont resident.  

If you are aware of an Oakmont neighbor or friend who could use some assistance in submitting an application, please lend a hand.  If you have questions or need more information, please email us at oakmontneighborstogether@gmail.com. 

Click Here For The Application

Toxic Waste

July 27  / 2-7 p.m. 

Only 100 appointments available – first-come, first-served—for toxic waste disposal.  Location and time will be provided when you call to schedule an appointment.   

Please call 707-364-6927 to schedule an appointment or ask questions. 

LIMITS: 15 gallons of liquid (max. of five gallons per container) or 125 pounds of solid material. NEVER mix chemicals. Place in sealed containers in the trunk, packed to prevent spills. Syringes/needles must be in sealed, approved Sharps containers.  

NOT ACCEPTED: Explosives or ammunition, radioactive materials, biological waste (except syringes), TVs, computer monitors and other electronics and business waste.   

Walking Hours

on Golf Courses 

There are more people than ever walking on the course during non-approved days and times. Walking on the course during golf play is a dangerous activity.  We know the course is a beautiful place to walk to enjoy the nature, see the wildlife and get exercise. That is why we have the walking hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays after golf.  Note for the non-golfers: we will have golfers out on the course well past the 7:15 p.m. times as they typically play until dark. We have designed the walking time for you to follow the golfers so all can enjoy the course and stay safe. Reminder that dogs must be leashed and you are required to pick up the dog poop and dispose of it in non-golf course garbage cans. 

Access to both Valley of the Moon and Sugarloaf courses is Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting at 7:15 p.m. on each course.  Start times for the afternoon walking schedule will be adjusted monthly in accordance with daylight hours.  Access to each course is limited initially to the first tee and must follow the respective course layout thereafter. 

Golfers with tee times before the afternoon walking schedule will be on the course continuing their golf round as normal.  No new golf play will be initiated after the afternoon walking schedule begins, thereby ensuring the safety of the walkers. 

General Guidelines: 
Dogs are allowed on the courses during the walking hours schedule but must be on a leash at all times, and owners are required to pick up after their dogs. 
Bicycle riding is not permitted on the courses at any time. 

CourseCo and the OVA ask all Oakmonters to adhere to the Walking Schedules as outlined. 
Walking on the courses during golf play is prohibited.  Those who do not adhere to this prohibition risk not only potential personal injury but also hinder CourseCo’s ability to attract golf play necessary to operate a successful golf business. 

New P.S.P.S. Address Alerts

.. Provide Notifications for Addresses Other Than Your Home That Are Important to You, Including Schools or a Relative’s Home 

Customers and non-account holders can now sign up for notifications for any address they care about to stay safe and informed about Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events. High winds can cause tree branches and debris to contact energized lines, damage our equipment and cause wildfires. As a result, we may need to turn off power during severe weather to prevent wildfires. This is called a PSPS.   

To sign up for alerts for any address that is important to you or a loved one, visit www.pge.com/addressalert. Alerts are accessible in multiple languages by call and text. 

Address Alerts might be right for you if:  

  • You want to know about a PSPS at your home, work, school or other important location 
  • You are a tenant and do not have a PG&E account 
  • You need to stay informed about a PSPS affecting a friend or loved one 
  • Multiple members of your household want to be notified 

Customers and non-account holders interested in receiving updates on PSPS events for an address where they do not receive a bill can submit one or more addresses. Note, PG&E customers will automatically be enrolled to receive PSPS notifications for any home or business they have an account for. Customers are encouraged to keep their contact information up to date with PG&E so they can be notified if their specific location will be impacted. 

Prepare For the Unexpected                          

We know losing power disrupts lives. That is why we are working nonstop to make our system safer and reduce the impact of PSPS events. As we continue our work to quickly improve the safety of our system, we urge all customers to plan ahead of an unexpected emergency. Below are a few resources that can help you prepare for an outage:  

Driving to Medical Appointments 

Like so many other “businesses,” Oakmont Volunteer Helpers discontinued driving residents to medical appointments in March 2020.  The OVH Board has set a tentative date of July 19 to resume driving activities within Santa Rosa. Watch for details in future editions of the Oakmont News and e-blast. 

Oakmont Volunteer Helpers would love to expand its roster of available drivers. There are only a few requirements to become an OVH volunteer and several great perks, like getting to know Oakmont neighbors you might not otherwise meet. There is no specified time commitment – drive when you are available.  Your participation is welcome in this valuable service team.  All drivers and riders must be vaccinated. 

OVH has a real need for volunteers to serve a two-week commitment as a Coordinator.  The Coordinator is the liaison between the passenger and the driver, the important point of initial contact when a resident calls to schedule a ride. This critical role requires a minimal time commitment and simple organizational skills. 

Contact Matt Zwerling (539-8996) for further information for either of these volunteer opportunities. 

What’s Happening in Oakmont?

Oakie Folkies and Friends 

Wednesday, July 14 at 7 p.m. 
West Rec Center 

Time for a grand reopening.  After a hiatus of over 15 months, we can safely make music together.   Come help make some noise. 

Travel and Adventure Club 

Friday, July 16, at 3 p.m. 
East Rec Center  

Discussion at the July 16 meeting will focus on getting back to travel, and there will be a question-and-answer session.  If you haven’t attended before, please try to come and see what it’s all about. 

Just For Fun Games Club 

Saturdays at 1 p.m. 
CAC Card Room 

The Just for Fun Games Club is now meeting again in person at the CAC Card Room every Saturday at 1 p.m. and play continues until players are done for the day – usually 3 or 4 p.m. – but you may leave whenever you are ready.  There are all sorts of board, card, tile and dice games. The Club has many games on hand and some players bring in their own games to share with the group. Those who are present determine what game(s) to play. 

Mahjongg and PAN (Panguengue) 
Bring your own set and friends and play. Want to learn?  American Mah Jongg will be taught by appointment.  PAN is taught and played on most Saturdays. PAN is a card game similar to Gin Rummy, easy to learn and very sociable to play.  Contact Jeri Phillips at (714) 883-3126 or email Just4FunGamesClub@earthlink.net for information about mahjongg and PAN lessons. 

Games are not played for money; everyone helps each other out and; and newcomers are welcome.  Contact Phil Herzog at 843-3053 or email Just4FunGamesClub@earthlink.net if you would like to be on the mailing list or have any questions. 

Attention MAC Users – A Message from the OakMUG Board

OakMUG is Returning on July 17 
Doors open at 1:30 p.m., meeting at 2 p.m. 
West Rec Center 

The Oakmont Macintosh User’s Group will host its first meeting in over 18 months, the hiatus due to the Covid pandemic.  To mark this occasion, a favorite Apple Certified consultant, Ronnie Roche, will be sharing The Year in Apple Tech.  At Ronnie’s request, all attendees will be required to wear a mask.  Masks will be provided if you don’t have one or forget to bring it. 

The meeting will be held July 17, starting at 2 p.m. in the West Rec Center.  Doors will open at 1:30. This will be the perfect time to get reacquainted with other OakMUG members.  Just remember that we will be foregoing the snacks our volunteers have offered in the past, so bring your own if you feel hungry. If you are not a member, this will be a perfect time to join. Dues are $10 per person, and our treasurer will be very happy to sign you up at the meeting. 

Sadly, during the pandemic, we lost our board president who relocated out of Oakmont. The Club is short-staffed and looking for members to join the board.  No special skills are needed – just an interest in Apple products and a willingness to help plan and organize the bi-monthly meetings.  If you may be willing to help, send an email to OakmontMacUsersGroup@gmail.com 

Oakmont Democratic Club

Beat the Heat and the Recalls 
Jill Ravitch and Mark Malouf 
July 22 at 6:30 p.m. 
East Rec Center 

Join the Oakmont Democratic Club General Meeting live on Thursday, July 22 at 6:30 p.m. at the East Rec Center with a social and presentations regarding two critical special recall elections on September 14. 

District Attorney Jill Ravitch will speak about the recall that targets her.  Mark Malouf, local co-chair of the Campaign Against Recalling Governor Newsom, will speak on that campaign. Both will share the latest on these elections and what supporters of these officials can do.  

The Oakmont Dems’ first live meeting will start with a social at 6:30 p.m. with some great summer refreshments. It will be a wonderful time to meet other civic-minded Oakmonters, and all Oakmonters are welcome. 

Please visit the ODC webpage for updates and more information at: oakmontdemclub.com 

Lawn bowling is a bit like bocce, but it’s played on grass with a “bowl” that isn’t a ball and isn’t round. 

Lawn bowling is not only fun and easy to learn; it’s great exercise and a wonderful way to meet new friends. You might even win a bottle of wine. 

The club will have bowls for you to use, refreshments for all, and our club members will be there to show you the basics.  Wear your comfortable, smooth-soled shoes, and meet on the Green.