Oakmont Emergency Drill Held

Staff Report

Leaders of Oakmont’s emergency response team sharpened their skills

Drill volunteers at work, left to right, incident commander John Felton, ham radio operator Dr. Jim Knapp, scribe Claudette Brero-Gow and information officer Kay Oppenheimer. (Photo by Fred Polkinghorn)

and plans in a simulated drill focused on a 7.0 earthquake on the Rogers Fault, which runs beneath Santa Rosa.

The Oakmont Emergency Preparedness Committee (OEPC) set up a base at the Berger Center to coordinate the Oct. 18 drill, in which many of the more than 200 COPE groups also took part.

“Many of the COPE groups met to review their emergency plans and practice simulated rescues of their residents,” OEPC’s Fred Polkinghorn said. “Several COPE groups made the drill into a social event and even had block parties,” he added. COPE stands for Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies. Its volunteers are responsible for a safety in small clusters of neighbors.

“The OEPC would like to thank all the residents and COPE leaders who participated, Polkinghorn said. More than 40 zone communicators, net controllers and ham radio operators were part of the drill.

Ham radio operator Dan Gaffney, left, and Zone Communications Net Controller Pat Barclay. (Photo by Keith Sauer)

There is a need for more COPE leaders and radio operators. Anyone interested in volunteering for an emergency response position may contact Pat Barclay at 570-7500.