Oakmont Emergency Drill – March 14

            A Spring emergency drill will be held Saturday, March 14 from 8 – 11 a.m.  And there is a role to play for everyone who lives here.

            The scenario for the drill will be a simulated 7.1 earthquake on the Rogers Fault resulting in some damage and disruption of services in Oakmont. A temporary Emergency Operation Center (EOC) will be set up outside of the Berger Center. Zone Communicators, wearing yellow vests, will be circulating in Oakmont neighborhoods, assessing potential damage and sending radio messages back to the EOC. OEPC is asking residents to introduce themselves and give a “report” to zone coordinators and volunteers who appear in their neighborhoods or in yellow vests.

            Giving a report during the drill will help zone communicators and volunteers practice how to help residents in requesting assistance and relaying status information to them. Volunteers will also be operating communications equipment at Oakmont’s rec centers to process reports from the neighborhoods and simulate communications with Santa Rosa Fire Department’s Emergency Operations Center. OEPC said communications capabilities are designed to supplement and/or replace the 911 system when it is down or otherwise unavailable.

            OEPC has only enough volunteers to cover about half of Oakmont’s neighborhoods, and the committee is actively seeking volunteers to join their ranks . Volunteers do not need a license, special skills or training. The time investment – absent an actual emergency – is only 5 minutes a monthfor a radio check and a 2-hour simulated emergency drill about every three months. OEPC also conducts community wide drills twice a year to test radio skills in preparation for a potential disaster.

Interested volunteers can send OEPC an e-mail at  OakmontERT@gmail.com  or call Pat Barclay at 570-7500 for more information.