Oakmont Forum (1/15/2019)

  • Bruce Bon

Report of the December Meeting on Bylaws Revisions 

The Oakmont Forum had a very successful inaugural meeting on Dec. 8, with standing room only for a presentation and discussion on the work of the Ad Hoc Bylaws Revision Committee (BRC) and an after-meeting to discuss the purpose and possible activities of the Oakmont Forum.  Four of the six members of the BRC were present, with Hugh Helm and Joe Henderson leading the Bylaws discussion.  The discussion was wide ranging, including such things as proposals to change the voting rules to allow up to two owner-residents from each household to vote in OVA elections; to change the number of directors from seven to nine and the term to three years, with three directors elected each year; to change the formula for computing dues; to require membership votes to decide whether or not to proceed with large (e.g. over $1M) capital expansion projects; and a number of other topics.  For anyone who was not able to attend but would like to hear the presentation and the Bylaws discussion, there is an audio recording of it on our website. 

As Hugh noted during the meeting, the BRC will provide amendment proposals to the OVA Board, who will select which of them will be on the ballot for a vote of the OVA membership, possibly as early as to be included in the spring director election ballot.  It is not too late to make your opinions known to the BRC, either by Emailing the Committee Chair, Dennis Boaz, at dennisboaz22@gmail.com, or by showing up at a BRC meeting – see https://oakmontvillage.com/article/category/committee/bylaw-revision/ for meeting time and location. 

Upcoming Oakmont Forum Meetings  

Tuesday, January 29, 4 – 6 pm, Berger Fireplace RoomCommunity Brainstorming Session: Questions for Candidates’ Night. What issues need to be addressed as we decide for whom to vote in the OVA Board of Directors election in March? Help us compose questions to give to the Nominating Committee.

Saturday, February 9, 10 am – noon, West Rec Topic: Election issues and candidates.  Details are still TBD, but we hope that this event will help OVA members to learn more about the candidates and issues, leading up to the Candidates’ Forum later in February.  As detailed in the Jan. 1 edition of the Oakmont News, the deadline for declaring your intention to run for the OVA Board of Directors is Jan 25, and all qualified candidates are encouraged to run.  For details about our Feb 9 meeting, check the Feb 1 edition of the Oakmont News and the OVA Eblast.  

The core purpose of the Oakmont Forum is to empower OVA members to participate in deciding the future of Oakmont.  In support of this purpose, our mission will be to facilitate and encourage OVA member education and participation on key issues facing Oakmont. Our meetings will provide informative face-to-face dialogue, with multiple positions represented, with the goal of discovering our common interests while respecting our differences, and a hope that we can find a middle ground on issues of importance to Oakmont.  It is the policy of the Oakmont Forum to avoid taking partisan positions on most issues that might come before the OVA Board, including decisions on a dog park, aid to OGC, whether or not to build new buildings, etc.  We may, however, advocate for positions that will enable membership empowerment, our core purpose. 

We are looking for people who support our mission, to help us with recruiting speakers and producing our events.  For more information visit our website, https://oakmontforum.com/, or send an email to info@oakmontforum.com .