Oakmont Forum: First Meeting: Focus On Bylaws (12/1/2018)

  • Bruce Bon

The Oakmont Forum, a newly approved club open to all Oakmont members, will have its first public meeting in Suite B next to the OVA offices (corner of Oakmont Drive and Laurel Leaf Place) on Saturday, December 8 at 10:30 am.

What are your thoughts regarding whether you and your partner get two votes in an Oakmont election versus one vote?  How about OVA monthly dues – should they be the same for residents in an 800 square foot triplex as those who live in a 3,000 square foot hillside home, or is there a more equitable way to calculate dues?

Recommendations for a long overdue update in our OVA Bylaws, including amendments to address issues such as these, are being decided by the Ad Hoc Bylaws Revision Committee (BRC). The goal is to place these amendments, after review by the Board of Directors and the OVA lawyer, to a membership vote next spring as part of the annual board elections.  Hugh Helm of the BRC will give us a status report and will be available to answer questions and discuss any and all issues surrounding the Bylaws.

Following the Bylaws presentation, we will have a discussion of the purpose and mission of Oakmont Forum and how it should be structured.  The intent of the Forum is to facilitate and encourage OVA member education and participation on key issues facing Oakmont. Our meetings will provide informative face-to-face dialog with the goal of discovering our common interests while respecting our differences.

For more information visit OakmontForum.com or send us an email to info@oakmontforum.com.


Oakmont Forum (1/15/2019)

Bruce Bon Report of the December Meeting on Bylaws Revisions  The Oakmont Forum had a very successful inaugural meeting on Dec. 8, with standing room