 Patty McHugh


WHEN: Wednesday, October 13 ~ 9:30am social, 10:00–11:15am meeting

WHERE: East Rec Center, 7902 Oakmont Drive

SPEAKER/TOPIC: Barnee Alexander
Practical, Creative, Fanciful Garden Ideas: Reusing, Improving.

Don’t you admire people with ingenuity, creativity and vision? Do you wish you were like that? Well, you may more like them than you think! Come to our October 13th Garden Club meeting where our very own Barnee Alexander will demonstrate how it’s done.

The seed for her talk grew from a chat with a few of the fellow Garden Club members. It began as a discussion: “Do other gardeners create their own hybrid tools from kitchen items, i.e., turkey baster, kitchen tongs, chops sticks…?” What? Who does that? Barnee does! As this kernel of an idea continued to grow, the title for her talk, “Practical, Creative, Fanciful Garden Ideas” sprouted up. Like an invasive weed, this single root took hold and spread out in multiple directions.

As gardeners, we share our bounty and advice with each other, sharing ideas to make gardening easier and safer. Barnee will show us some of the ways we can garden without creating more waste – her motto “Recycle, Re-use”. Come share your ideas of non-gardening tool innovations and how to deal with unwanted plastic. Watch how she transforms old, un-useable irrigation destined to become a permanent fixture in a landfill, to an unusual Halloween Garden Wreath.

Barnee’s sense of humor and love of puns will make this a fun experience for all. This will be an interactive meeting – we hope you will all participate.

A little history: Barnee and husband, Gary, came to Oakmont after living 29 years in West County, near Sebastopol. Their country property challenged them with occasional flooding (expected every 100 years) so they often jokingly told people they lived next to or in the Laguna de Santa Rosa – depending on the weather. Their home here in Oakmont presents new and different challenges – hot, hilly and rocky – but they are delighted to have growing room and wait patiently for a wet, wet winter.


We are in need of a volunteer member to take over the vacated board position of Secretary. The Secretary attends board meetings, takes minutes and votes on club matters. We have found that regular monthly board meetings are not necessary and currently only call a board meeting when there are important decisions to be made and/or events to plan. That said, the position will not take much of your time. Please consider volunteering. We make our board meetings fun! Sometimes we make it a luncheon meeting, or a wine & cheese meeting! Contact Patty McHugh, 707-494-3289, patriciamchugh3@comcast.net.


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COVID-19 Test Kits

On Tuesday, May 31, COVID-19 test kits will be distributed at the Berger Center from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Please register at the following