~ Patty McHugh
“All through the long winter, I dream of my garden. On the first day of spring, I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth. I can feel its energy, and my spirits soar.” Helen Hayes

The Garden Club board will be meeting this month to discuss the possibility of an early summer Oakmont Garden Tour. Providing that the COVID numbers continue to decline and that the population is being steadily vaccinated, and given that it would be an outdoor event, we feel that it could be a very real possibility. We all need a little uplifting! We will need volunteer gardens to make this happen. I mentioned this in a previous article but have not yet had input from anyone. We’re hoping that it was just too soon for anyone to start thinking of it! If any of you would consider offering up your garden for visiting, please email me at: patriciamchugh3@comcast.net. This applies not only to our membership, but to the entire Oakmont community. If you’re not sure your garden is what we’re looking for, don’t let that stop you. Myself and/or any member of our board would be delighted to visit your garden and discuss it with you.

Spring! Oh, glorious Spring! If you’re not moved by the beautiful flowering trees of varying colors, you’re just not paying attention. How I love to see the swelling of buds and the opening of new leaves that are that awesome only-in-the-spring green. Spring is rebirth – notice how the people you meet and see are calmer and more friendly. And while we aren’t yet afforded the joy of seeing beautiful smiles, we can see the smile in the eyes.

• Plant bulbs for summer bloom.
• Prepare your vegetable bed by removing any mulch or dead plant material and digging in plenty of compost or other organic amendments.
• Check the vegetable planting guide on the Master Gardeners’ website for what vegetable to seed or transplant this month.
• Fertilize citrus. Thin tiny fruit on fruit trees.
• Bait for slugs, snails, earwigs and sow bugs. If aphids and ants show up on your roses a strong spray of water over several days in a row usually gets rid of aphids. If that doesn’t work, water and insecticidal soap will do the trick.
• Clean up azaleas and rhododendron that have finished flowering. If you didn’t do it in March, fertilize this month with an acid fertilizer.
• Fertilize perennials coming off winter dormancy. Feed your roses and continue to feed them once a month through the blooming season.
• Check your irrigation system for cracks, leaks and clogs. Drip irrigation need to be flushed out; make sure all emitters are working. Ensure that timers are working.
• Prune spring-flowering plants as they finish flowering.
• Weed, weed and weed some more! Start in a small section and keep moving to a new section until you tire out. It will all be done in no time!


Save these Doggy Dates

Seniors for Seniors – Saturday July 24th – 9AM to Noon on the Berger lawn.
Older dogs make wonderful pets for seniors!

Oakmont Community Foundation (OCF): We Fund You!

Submitted by Bob Chapman, OCF President  Oakmont Community Foundation (OCF): We Fund You!  Although the Delta variant is giving us a challenge, Oakmonters are cautiously returning to normal.  Clubs,

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