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It’s not Christmas without a tree. But it wasn’t always that way. Early European pagans would use evergreen branches to brighten up their homes during dreary winter months. The tradition of having a tree in the home is somewhat new. Germany developed the Christmas tree tradition during the 16th century. It’s said that a German theologian and religious reformer walking home on a winter night was inspired by the beauty of stars twinkling through evergreen tree branches. He recreated the optimism he felt by erecting a tree with candles in his family’s living room. Though it took a while for Christian Americans to forget about how the tradition began with non-Christian pagans, the Christmas tree trend finally became widely accepted in this country by the early 20th century.
Wishing you a warm, flower-brightened Christmas Day with family and friends… …and the promise of good things to come in 2021.
Here’s to a happy and bountiful new year in the garden. May you have plenty of beckoning flowers and glowing foliage, enough rainwater to quench the garden’s thirst, sunny days to lift your spirit and a special spot to sit and enjoy this beautiful world.


Egg Buster

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Water Aerobics

A great place to get some exercise is in the Water Aerobic Classes being taught at the West Pool. Only 15 people are allowed in

Oakmont Garden Club

Patty McHugh “If I’m ever reborn, I want to be a gardener – there’s too much to do for one lifetime!” Karl Forester 2020 LESSONS

Leaving a Legacy

Written by: Doc Savarese Drawing by: Peter Copen How do you want to remembered? Chances are, living in Oakmont, you have grandchildren. Recently, I began