Oakmont Lawn Bowling Club


By Mary Blake

Don’t forget to bowl! It’s safe, fun, and good for you.

True, it isn’t easy to bowl with a mask on, but we’re doing it. And we’re keeping bowling safe for everyone.

To bowl safely, you’re mainly trying to make sure you don’t share cooties – you don’t give them to anyone else and no one else gives them to. So, continue what you’re doing: wear a mask, keep a distance, don’t share items. Singles, pairs, and cut-throat are OK, but not triples. And Oakmont has taped off all the benches for a reason. If you need to sit down (we ALL can understand that), bring a lightweight chair or two, just for you.

During the colder months (until May 1), drop-in bowling is at 12:30. But the green is sitting there ready for use throughout the day. Spreading out the times you bowl helps reduce congestion, so, if you’ve found someone to bowl with but not at 12:30, feel free to drop whenever weather and light permit.

Jeff and Frank G hosting a wine country game

This is just an aside: I’ve received emails lately from WildCare in San Rafael and The Bird Rescue Center here in Santa Rosa that birds, especially Pine Siskins, are dying from salmonellosis. This is often being spread from bird feeders and from bird baths. If you have bird feeders or bird baths, check out how to keep things clean and birds safe at The Bird Rescue Center’s website: https://birdrescuecenter.org/salmonellosis/

I went back in time to a wine country game from before I joined the club.


Phil, Larry and Fritzie made up one of the OLBC teams

A more detailed set of instructions for safe bowling, a summary of the most recent board meeting (January 15, 2021) as well as the financial statement for 2020 are available at our website.

Questions? Email me at oakmontlawnbowling@gmail.com
Or visit our website at www.oakmontlawnbowling.com


SHRED A THON, Friday, June 11, 9-12

WARNING!!! Come early!!! Oakmonters cleaned house during the pandemic. At the last shred-A -Thon, 6 months ago, so many of us had important papers to shred that the trailer was full by 11:30, and we sadly had to tell late comers to return in June.

Exercising with a Mask

– John PhillipsWe are finishing our second month of having the Fitness Center open with certain restrictions and yes, we all hope that these restrictions

Lawn Bowling: Join the Club

We held our first tournament in over a year. We’re lifting the mask requirement outdoors and returning carefully to the daily draw. And don’t forget that bowling is now at 9:30 am (be there at 9:15).

Club Play Every Wednesday, Saturday

With French star players unable to compete and fans unable to watch live televised matches on the French sports television channel, L’Equipe, due to the pandemic, two championship players created the Facebook Group “Club Maboule” and organized a virtual national precision shooting tournament broadcast live on Facebook. The top competitors comprised a never-before-assembled group of renowned men’s and women’s players for the marksmanship challenge.

Oakmont Garden Club

“In my garden there is a large place for sentiment. My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow