Oakmont Lawn Bowling Club

By Mary Blake

In my last article, I said that every part of me (toes, nose, shoulders, pendulum of my arm) needs to aim for my mark. If anything is off, then my line is off. After submitting the article, I thought of Kathleen, who is the Stephen Curry of lawn bowling. For Curry, his entire body, even his eyes, aims the ball at Oubre. Everyone on the other team follows the arc toward Oubre – but somehow he tosses it to Green, standing directly behind him. In other words, no rule is absolute and Kathleen is perfect proof of this. An innocent opponent might think her bowl is going out of bonds only to realize it’s ended up leaning on the jack.

Kathleen and Mark

Before you can develop sophisticated strategies, you need to work on your delivery. You need a good line and a good weight.

Some think that when weight changes, so does the mark. But if you’ve found a good mark for getting the bowl to the middle of the rink, that mark will work for all weights. When the jack is in the middle of the rink, the same mark will work no matter if it’s a long or short jack.
Of course there are exceptions:
1. As the green dries you’ll have more bias.
2. I believe that moving the mat significantly changes the angles and you may need to adjust your mark.
3. Our rinks aren’t flawless. Learn the bad spots, take advantage of them or avoid them.

Same Mark Equals Same Line

A good weight is more difficult than a good line. And while the mark remains constant the length of the shot constantly changes with jack position and strategy. Adjust the weight with the length of your stride and how far back you bring your arm in its pendulum. I’ve read that a firmer grip means more distance than a lighter touch. If you’re not happy with your weight, practice. keep your delivery smooth as you adjust stride and swing, and make follow-through consistent to help you always achieve your mark.
Did I say something here that you disagree with? Let me know!

Questions or to disagree with me? Email me at oakmontlawnbowling@gmail.com
Or visit our website at www.oakmontlawnbowling.com


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