Oakmont Playreaders Continue Run of Comedies

Cast of "Let Him Sleep 'til It's Time for His Funeral:" Ron White, Honora Clemens, Evelyn Zigmont, D. Hall, Jeff Sheff, Jane Borr.

Oakmont Playreaders just concluded a presentation of “The Browning Version,” by Terrance Rattigan. Jane Borr directed with the following cast: John Dolan, D. Hall, Jackie Kokemor, Charley Ensley, Al Johnson, Hal McCown, Becky Kokemor, and Jane Borr. It’s a classically British play. Forced to retire from an English public school, an unpopular professor must confront his failure as a teacher and husband. Andrew Crocker-Harris is a classics teacher at an English boys school. After eighteen years of teaching there, today is his last day before moving on to a position at another school. The students speculate on why he is leaving, but don’t much care since despite being academically brilliant, he is universally despised as being strict, stern and humorless. They have nicknamed him “The Crock”. Even the school administrators treat him poorly regardless of his long tenure. Millie Crocker-Harris, his wife, is quite a bit different than her husband: she’s younger and vivacious. She no longer loves her husband but rather loves Frank Hunter, another teacher, who despite having an affair with him, knows that he is not in love with her. On this last day, one student named Taplow, who doesn’t hate Mr. Crocker-Harris but feels sorry for him, provides him with a small going away gift. The gift brings about a series of actions which make Mr. Crocker-Harris reflect on his past, contemplate his future, and evaluate how he is going to finish his tenure at the school.

On Monday, August 16, Ron White will conclude his presentation of “Dinner With Friends,” by Donald Margulies. The cast includes: Ginna Zoellner, Sandy White, Malcolm Wing, Ron White, and Ginny Smith. On August 23 and 30, Sandy White will present “Passing Strangers,” with a cast not named at the time of publication.


Oakmont’s Own More Joy

Back again by popular demand, Oakmont’s beloved hometown group with songs from our past that will make you laugh and cry in the same concert. More Joy is a deep and delightful quartet of artists that weave amazing harmonies throughout a broad selection of folk, country, blues and beyond.

Comedy Show at OAK

Laugh along with Steph and Tom Clark and San Franciscan Dan St. Paul about married life and getting older

King Tut’s Tomb

Revisit the life and times of King Tut’s tomb
Mondays, October 24-November 14 – 3:00-5:00 p.m.