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Cast of
Cast of "Good People:" (standing) D. Hall, Al Johnson, Carole Johnson, Ron White, Honora Clemens; (seated) Ginny Smith, Carolyn Kokemor, and John Dolan.

“Let Him Sleep ’til It’s Time for His Funeral.”

Playreaders read this play by Peg Kehret last Monday. A comedy of errors, the play centers on the midlife crises affecting John and Marianne Dollefson, each of whom think the other is about to jettison them. The audience knows certain things the characters don’t, and from that arises the hilarity. The audience loved it. Cast members were: Evelyn Zigmont, Jane Borr, Honora Clemens, Malcolm Wing, Jeff Sheff, and D. Hall.

On July 26 and August 2, Jane Borr will present “The Browning Version,” by Terence Rattigan. It premiered in London in 1948, and is reputed to give the audience a real view of English boarding schools. Andrew Crocker-Harris is a classics teacher at an English boys’ school. After eighteen years of teaching there, today is his last day before moving on to a position at another school. The students speculate on why he is leaving, but do not much care since despite being academically brilliant, he is generally despised as being strict, stern and humorless. They have nicknamed him “The Crock”. Even the school administrators treat him poorly regardless of his long tenure. Millie Crocker-Harris, his wife, is younger and vivacious and quite different from her husband. She no longer loves him but rather loves Frank Hunter, another teacher, yet despite having an affair with him she knows he is not in love with her. On this last day, one student named Taplow, who does not hate Crocker-Harris but feels sorry for him, gives him a small going-away gift – a copy of the translation by Robert Browning of Aeschylus’s ancient play Agamemnon. The gift brings about a series of actions which make Crocker-Harris reflect on his past, contemplate his future, and evaluate how he is going to finish his tenure at the school. The cast: D. Hall, John Dolan, Jackie Kokemor, Charley Ensley, Al Johnson, Hal McCown, Becky Kokemor, and Jane Borr. Come join us in watching our group present wonderful plays.,


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