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This ‘Host Guide’ contains step-by-step instructions for preparing and hosting a successful MYN meeting in Oakmont, as well as links to documents and forms, and ideas for organizing your neighbors.  After your initial meeting, it becomes a team effort, with everyone working together.  Our web site is Oakmontvillage.com/MYN from which you can also download all these resources.  The Oakmont MYN Team stands ready to answer questions and help you.   MYNOakmont@gmail.com

This guide may seem long and detailed, but keep in mind these are suggested steps we’ve discovered to be useful for most people, and you can customize for your own neighborhood.

Before Your Meeting

1. Get one DVD for the host and MYN Workbooks, 1 per household in your area, from the Oakmont MYN Team at MYNOakmont@gmail.com.  The facilitator’s video is also available online at YouTube and below.

Download and become familiar with the documents, links, and steps below.

2.  Recruit several other neighbors to help before scheduling a full neighborhood meeting.

  1. Work together to decide which 15-20 homes should be in your MYN area.
  2. Be sure to include COPE leaders, as they may have some valuable knowledge and input.
  3. Be able to explain differences between COPE & MYN. See section below under “Opening & Welcome”.
  4. Decide in whose home the meeting will be held, being sensitive to any special needs, like access to the home, and presence of animals for people with allergies.

3.  Personally invite all your neighbors to attend.  Print and deliver these forms:

  1. SampleInvitation Letter to your Neighbors” <Link 1> with date, time, location, and overview of what MYN is and what the meeting will be about.  All you have to do is fill in your meeting details!
  2. MYN “Welcome Overview <Link 2> a 2-page MYN form with some customizations for Oakmont.
  3. Contacts Form < Link 3> names, emergency contacts, any special needs, and pet info. Mark all utility turn offs and brick chimneys.

Participation is voluntary so if someone does not want to participate that’s fine.  Make sure they know all info on the returned forms will be shared with their MYN neighborhood group only.

4.  Review the DVD:

  1. Download “MYN Discussion Guide Summary for Oakmont Hosts”< Link 11>  a summary of the DVD and MYN Discussion Guide.
  2. Watch both the ‘Facilitator’s’ section and the ‘Neighborhood Meeting’ section of the DVD before you conduct your meeting.  The DVD is produced in a play-pause format, and has closed-caption for the hearing impaired. Also available online at YouTube:

5.  Create Documents ahead of your meeting:

Host should gather the Contacts Form < Link 3> back from each participating household and create a “Contacts Summary List” < Link 4> and a Master Neighborhood map in advance of the meeting.    

  1. “Contacts Summary List” < Link 4> summarizes all contacts onto a single list with essential info.
  2. Master Neighborhood Map is something you create. There are suggestions below under If You Need Help Making A Neighborhood Map.

Include house numbers, names, phone #s, pets, gas, electric & water turnoffs, & brick chimneys. Have enough copies of the map to handout at the meeting.


– Post a larger version of the map up somewhere for all to see during the meeting.

– From Contacts form, you can also create a group email address if you wish; that will make it easier to communicate with all your neighbors at once.  Make sure everyone has a computer and uses it; otherwise you may need to communicate in another way.  

6.  Last minute details before your meeting:

A few days before the scheduled meeting, leave a MYN “Meeting Reminder” < Link 5> with each neighbor.

  1. Make sure you can operate DVD player with closed-captions; check the sound.
  2. Make sure to have enough comfortable seating and all can see TV. 
  3. Bring to meeting: your personal gloves, hardhat, headlamp, gas shutoff wrench (can get from OVA office $9), have enough pencils or pens.
  4. Nice to have light snacks and drinks (optional).
  5. Have nametags for everyone!
  6. Have a large Master Neighborhood Map that you can put up for all to see (optional).

Read about Oakmont Emergency Preparedness Club (OEPC) Radio Communications < Link 8> OEPC Radio Explanation.

During your meeting:

1. Handouts to have available for each household as they come in:

  1. MYN Workbook
  2. Contacts Summary List < Link 4>
  3. Master Neighborhood Map
  4. Buddy Cards < Link 6> neighbors can share certain info (hidden keys, location of bedroom, location of medications and medical devices needed quickly) with 1 or 2 others in their group.  Good to print on bright colored paper and keep in the Workbook.
  5. Visual Disaster Supply Kit < Link 7>
  6. Hard Hat Ordering Info < Link 9> your neighborhood group can order any color.
  7. FAQ page (Oakmont) < Link 10>

2. Opening & Welcome Remarks Before the DVD (no longer than 10 minutes)

MYN is:

  1. Developed by Washington State Dept. of Emergency Services
  2. Designed for sheltering in place in a disaster
  3. A peer-to-peer team-building model
  4. The OVA and OEPC (Oakmont Emergency Preparedness Committee) have officially adopted MYN as the emergency preparedness program for Oakmont.
  5. MYN is the future of Oakmont!
  6. Please share this message from the Oakmont MYN Coordinators, Katy Carrel, Ann Benson & Matt Zwerling:

“We are excited that so many Oakmonters want to participate in MYN, and from the many positive comments, we know it will be a success in Oakmont. With 100% support from the OVA Board and OEPC, and involvement from Oakmont neighborhoods, this exciting new program will help us make our community “Oakmont Ready,” for any disaster.

•  Talk about the differences between COPE & MYN

Significant advantages of MYN over other programs such as COPE include:

  1. All residents in a neighborhood are involved in preparedness and share the same information;
  2. Personal information stays within the neighborhood and is not shared with anyone else; and
  3. Since everyone in a neighborhood is involved equally in the process, to the extent of their abilities, there is no reliance on one or two individuals to coordinate an emergency response –as those individuals might not be home when a disaster strikes.

Mention that OEPC Zone Communicators (ZC) are working with MYN so that MYN areas will have radio coverage during a disaster.  Ask if anyone would be willing to be a Zone Communicator and have a walkie-talkie <Link 8>.

3. Watch the DVD and follow the prompts; neighbors will each fill out their Workbook during the video, and take it home for reference.  At end of watching the DVD, ask everyone if they think this is a worthwhile thing to do.

After your meeting:

Contact MYNOakmont@gmail.com to:

  1. Confirm what addresses are included in your area so they can be to the composite mapping/tracking system for Oakmont. 
  2. Assist with coordinating walkie-talkie coverage with OEPC (Contact Pat Barclay from Oakmont OEPC: oakmontert@gmail.com).
  3. Add Hosts to voluntary ongoing Host Support Group list.

Hosts will be invited to a voluntary Host Support Group.  We hope to have quarterly support MYN neighborhood Host meetings, as long as Oakmont Hosts feel they are productive, supportive and educational. We envision Hosts sharing stories, offering suggestions, and hearing from Guest Speakers.  These Host Meetings could be beneficial to assist with implementing MYN in your neighborhood.

If You Need Help Making A Neighborhood Map:

Maps will vary greatly from person to person.  They can be roughly hand drawn or a computerized work of art. Here are three suggested ways to create maps:

  1. Hand drawn/free hand maps, as long as clear and legible, (it doesn’t need to be fancy, just functional);
  2. Google Maps – link that will provide the means to focus in on your neighborhood and be able to print a map for your use.  Write in Contacts information.
  3. Go to https://maps.srcity.org/Html5Viewer/Index.html?viewer=sebastopol  Open “County-wide layers. Open “other useful layers”. Open “Buildings” and you will then have all the regular layers people use to develop a simple map.  Using the layers noted above would get you what you need for a simple map of your neighborhood. 

If all else fails, call us for help!

Suggestions for Hard Hat Ordering:


At the end of the MYN Discussion Guide (PDF) (https://mil.wa.gov/asset/5ba4202849a61) you’ll find these useful Appendices:

page 19         Appendix A – FAQs about MYN
page 20         Appendix B – meeting reminder
page 21         Appendix C – gas shut-off
page 22         Appendix D – propane shut-off
page 23         Appendix E – water & electricity shut-off
page 24         Appendix F – fire extinguishers safety
page 25         Appendix G – basic search & rescue procedures

Oakmont Support Materials to assist you when implementing MYN:

MYN Workbook – 1 per household.  Oakmont MYN orders in bulk from Washington State’s Emergency Management Division; you order from MYN, MYNOakmont@gmail.com.

MYN DVD – 1 per hosted area.  Request a DVD from us, MYNOakmont@gmail.com or watch on YouTube.  The DVD has the closed-caption feature.

Send out forms with initial meeting invitation:
Link 01 – Sample Invitation Letter
Link 02 – MYN Welcome Overview
Link 03 – Contacts Form

Host creates ahead of meeting:
Link 04 – Contacts Summary List and Neighborhood Master Map
Link 05 – MYN Meeting Reminder

Have as handouts at the meeting:
Link 06 – Buddy Cards
Link 07 – Visual Disaster Supply Kit
Link 08 – OEPC Radio Explanation
Link 09 – Hard Hat Ordering Info
Link 10 – FAQ

Host prints to have while reviewing the DVD:
Link 11 – MYN Discussion Guide Summary for Oakmont Hosts: a summary of the DVD and MYN Discussion Guide.
Link 13 – Label for Front of Workbook: label is a ‘nice-to-have’ to stick on front cover of Workbook

The official Washington State MYN web site is:  https://mil.wa.gov/map-your-neighborhood
Link 12 – MYN Discussion Guide & Facilitator’s Notes– can also be found there.

Please let us know if you have questions or feel like there are hurdles in your neighborhood in adopting MYN.  Map Your Neighborhood is the future of Oakmont!

Katy Carrel and Matt Zwerling – Your Oakmont MYN Team!



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