Oakmont Progressives May Meeting

Proposed design of the Oakmont Community Microgrid
Proposed design of the Oakmont Community Microgrid

MAY MEETING Monday, May 09 at the East Rec Center, 6:30 wine & cheese social, 7:00 Meeting, an on Zoom.

Oakmont’s KEN SMITH will do a presentation on the possibility of a Community Microgrid for Oakmont. In recent years, we have all suffered from the corporate malfeasance of PG&E — their negligence caused a gas explosion which destroyed a whole block of San Bruno. Their power lines have sparked dozens of wildfires which have incinerated thousands of homes and killed dozens of people. They have been found in court to have neglected the maintenance of their power grid, and in response to that finding, they have adopted the strategy of shutting off power during red flag alerts to prevent wildfires. Which leaves Oakmont residents sitting in the dark with food spoiling in their refrigerators (which is admittedly preferable to having the community evacuated and potentially burned in a wildfire).

As you may have heard, Oakmont Village Association has been exploring the possibility of creating a Community Microgrid here in Oakmont and seeking grant funding for design, planning and development. The Microgrid would provide 100% sustainable and renewable electric power while offering a number of other advantages:

• Provide Energy resilience – it would be powered by stored solar energy produced here in Oakmont, so would work even when the centralized PG&E grid is down for Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events or for other reasons.

• Reduce Oakmont reliance on energy purchased from centralized, investor-owned utilities that continually raise prices and delivery fees.

• Offer greater efficiency – uses electric power where it is produced, by solar panels and storage batteries here in Oakmont.

• Control energy costs – project can be financed through third party lenders just as Utilities finance their projects, with payments over time.

• Reduce carbon emissions to provide a safer, more stable world for our children and grandchildren.

Come hear Ken Smith explain how a microgrid works and the path forward for Oakmont to implement one.

For more information, visit www.oakmontprogressives.org, or email ebiglin@gmail.com

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Meeting ID: 864 2831 8067
Passcode: 424510


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