Oakmont Rovers Open House Set For June 16

This event has already happened.

Are you an RV owner in Oakmont? Perhaps you discovered this lifestyle during the pandemic and discovered it was safe and fun. In either case, you need to know about the Oakmont Rovers.

Come to the Rovers Open House on June 16 on the patio of the East Recreation Center to meet other like-minded Oakmonters. BYOB Happy Hour starts at 5 p.m. with a club-hosted dinner to follow at 6 p.m. Reserve with Jeff Hickman at jeff@hickman.cc

Whether planning trips, on the road or getting together socially, the Rovers enjoy each other’s company and always have stories to tell about their latest adventures.

Rover Club members have traveled to campgrounds in Bodega Bay, Plymouth, McCloud and Paso Robles and on occasion to Oregon and Arizona. Often trips are paired with events such as the Grass Valley Celtic Music Festival.
“Being with people you enjoy makes our RV excursions much more pleasurable,” said Jeff Hickman, the club president. “We welcome newcomers who share our love of RVing.”