Oakmont Technology Learning Center (OTLC) Update

While the Oakmont Fitness Center and Library are now open in a limited way, the OTLC classroom is not cleared to open. OTLC is working towards starting classes in the fall, but before then safety and health guidelines need to be met and ensure that instructors are comfortable with teaching. Between now and the fall there is a lot of work to do planning and implementing configuration changes to the classroom to meet social distancing requirements as well as installing computer and audio-visual upgrades. Meantime, read tech articles in Oakmont News or visit the web site at www.oakmont-learning.org.


Friendship and Fun for the Holidays

Square dancing has been called “Friendship set to music”. The Oakmont Squares are looking forward to celebrating the 2021 holidays with friendship, music, laughter and

Water Aerobics

Mary’s Polar Bears are waiting for YOU to join us. We meet Monday through Thursday at 9:00 & 10:10. No Reservations are required and there