Oakmont Tennis Club 9/15/2018

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  • Ruth Layne

Upcoming Events

* Oct. 6 is the Women’s Tournament. Play takes place at West from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Use the sign-up tab on the OTC website or contact Phil House, the Tournaments Director, at houseofphillip@gmail.com, to register

* Oct. 10 is the Fall Membership Meeting and dinner

* Nov. 9 end of year awards ceremony and dinner – dance

* Nov. 10 is the Army vs. Navy Tournament (online sign up now available)

Women’s Tournament

Ladies, find a partner and your cutest tennis outfit and sign up for the October 6 tournament. There will be A and B level competition. Register your team on the website or by contacting Phil House. Meet at the West courts at 8:30 Saturday morning, and if you’d like to bring a snack, let Phil know. Come on out and show Oakmont what we’ve got!

Nominating Committee

The committee to identify candidates for the 2019 OTC Board of Directors has been formed. Five members have volunteered to serve: Cecile Coar, K. Jenkins, Olivia Kinzler, Judy Salmina and Dorothy Smith. We thank all five for their willingness to work on our behalf.

The committee will submit a slate of officers to fill the five following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Tennis Tournaments Director and Social Director. Terri Somers, retiring President, will automatically replace Neil Linneball as the Director (Ex Oficio). The slate of officers will be published in the next edition of Oakmont News.

The Board of Directors meets five times throughout the calendar year. Newly elected board members will work with the outgoing board intermittently during the last 2-½ months of the year to become familiar with their duties. Descriptions of each position can be found in the OTC by-laws available on the Officer page of the website. In general, Board Members should be enthusiastic about encouraging participation among new and continuing members of the club, both those who play and don’t play tennis. If you have ideas and would like to contribute to the ongoing development of the OTC, contact one of the nominating committee members mentioned above, Terri Somers, President, or Arnie Herskovic, Vice President.

Fall Membership Meeting

The Membership meeting and dinner scheduled for October 10 will be held at Mei Don Restaurant. The meeting, which will start at 6 p.m., will be free, followed by dinner at a

cost of $6. Use the coupon below to sign up for the dinner. During the short meeting we will vote to approve the 2019 board, so please plan to attend the meeting at least.


Fall Membership Dinner at Mei Don Restaurant

Wednesday, October 10, 6:00 PM

Mei Don Restaurant, Oakmont Dr.

Name(s) ______________________________________________________________________________________

# Dinner Tickets @ $6 ______________________ Total Enclosed ___________________________

Phone No. ____________________________________________________________________________________

Payment is needed only if you plan to stay for dinner.

Deposit coupon and payment in OVA Office, Tennis Club folder.



Dances from Asia and The Pacific Islands

Performances from Hula Mai, Redwood Country Cloggers, and Oakmont Dancing Divas. Free community event. Will follow COVID protocols in place. Funding provided by the Oakmont Community Foundation.

5-17-2022 Executive Agenda

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5-17-2022 Board Agenda & Packet

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Lawn Bowling Demo on May 23

OAKMONT LAWN BOWLING CLUBDEMO DAY If you’ve thought about trying your hand at Lawn Bowing, come join us on the Green next to the Central