Oakmont Tennis Starts Strong in 2022

Sunday tennis action on the West Recreation Center courts
Sunday tennis action on the West Recreation Center courts

A recent visit to the Sunday morning Oakmont Tennis Club (OTC) doubles play saw all four of the West Recreation Center’s tennis courts full of action, some appearing to believe they are Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal while others envisioned themselves as Serena Williams or Steffi Graf. In reality the talent ranged from good to very good with the enjoyment of each other’s company clearly being everyone’s primary purpose.

Tennis and Covid
In an annual study commissioned by the Physical Activity Council (PAC) and shared with USA TODAY Sports, tennis has boomed during the pandemic with an estimated 21.64 million Americans picking up a racquet in 2020, up 22.4 percent after several years of stagnant participation.

“It’s some of the best growth numbers we’ve ever seen,” U.S. Tennis Association CEO and executive director Mike Dowse said in a phone interview. “We knew it was coming, but I don’t know if we expected the numbers to be as powerful as they were. It’s definitely a silver lining to what was a challenging year.”

In a sense, there’s no real surprise that tennis stood to benefit more than other sports from COVID-19 because it’s played outdoors and doesn’t require people to be within six feet of each other.

What does that mean to Oakmont Tennis players? Get vaccinated and come out and play – everyone needs the exercise, and the comradery is a great additional benefit as well.

Let the following volunteer leaders know of your interest to join the action:

On the West Rec Center Courts
Tuesday mornings Jim Oswald has a group – phone 707-538-8819.
Tuesday afternoons a new group is headed by Doug Smith – phone 303-949-3239.
Thursday mornings a group headed by Rachel Meserve – phone 707 539-1633
Thursday mornings also a group headed by Doug Smith – phone 303-949-3239.
Thursday afternoons an instructional group headed by Tony Agocs – phone 707-708-2946.
Friday mornings group headed by Jim Oswald – phone 707-538-8819.
Friday mornings, a second group headed by Ron Charlton – phone 707-799-5444
Saturday mornings group headed by Ediberto Loaiza – phone 914-907-7192
Sunday group headed by Brian Williams – phone 707-235-8405.
New Group: ladies only drop in; days/times TBD. Contact Diane Linneball – 707-331-2746

On the East Rec Center Courts
Tuesday and Thursday a mixed doubles group at 10 AM – phone Pete Hogan 707-575-9581

OTC Has A New Board of Directors
President – Brian Williams
Vice President – John Hughson
Treasurer – Dave Coar
Secretary – Nancy Burns
Membership Chair – Ruth Layne

Consider becoming a member of Tennis Club OTC
Oakmont has a vibrant tennis community. The Oakmont Tennis Club promotes both the athletic and social enjoyment of tennis. Competitive and Social tennis activities, some planned and the majority are spontaneous in nature. Occasionally the club offers on-court instruction and a professional-quality tennis court ball machine help members improve their game. Come out to the courts, introduce yourself and ask to play in…we look forward to seeing you on the courts! Annual membership is only $20.
Membership information contact Ruth Layne at 914-907-8286

See you on the courts!

——— photo captions below—————-

Photo 2 – Neil Linneball focuses intently as partner Tony Agocs prepares to serve against strong opponents at Sunday Doubles play.

Photo 3 – Teri Hickey goes low for a return volley during recent singles action against an opponent she’s very familiar playing against – her husband Kevin.


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