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Oakmont 2030 is a community-wide conversation about Oakmont’s future that will create a vision for a thriving, livable and sustainable place for current and future generations. This report summarizes the data that was collected in the Oakmont Today phase of the initiative that began on June 15 and ended on July 30.  

The data come from two meetings with Club leaders, two focus groups with new residents, a focus group with realtors and six Community Conversation meetings that examined the current situation in Oakmont. The results represent the major themes derived from close to 2,800 comments from an estimated 365 people. Raw data from every meeting, including the Club Leaders, new residents, and realtors are available on under the Oakmont Today tab in a folder 8.1.22 Report on Oakmont Today Meetings and Focus Groups. 

This report represents a snapshot of the data collected thus far. Additional data will continue to be collected and shared with the community through Oakmont Tomorrow and other Oakmont 2030 meetings in the future. 

What We Value  

Location and beautiful setting with access to nature 

Friendships and sense of community supported by strong volunteerism and diverse 

Activities and clubs including educational offerings such as Symposium, library, OLLI 

Local services like Oakmont Market, Oakmont Garage, Oakmont Bus Service, bank, dentist and physical therapy. 

The well-maintained facilities including pools, recreation centers, library, meeting spaces and fitness center. 

Golf course for open space, golfers and walkers. 

Summary of Themes 

Life Safety 

Develop plans for safe evacuation and fire safety that includes all Oakmont residents regardless of physical or mental ability and uses neighborhood organizations that aid in emergencies. Keep neighborhoods safe from crime, Focus on traffic control and speeding within Oakmont. 

Maintenance and modernization 

Keep facilities updated, maintained and modernized while keeping costs reasonable and within budget so that Oakmont remains affordable. 

Gathering Place 

Need comfortable, indoor and outdoor spaces to meet informally, talk or have a cup of coffee.  

Improved Communications 

There needs to be a central, easy-to-access place to find out about Oakmont activities,  events and actions by the Board or its committees. There is also a need for better understanding of OVA governance, budget and spending; golf course finances; and Oakmont demographics. 

Improved Commercial Area 

Attracting and supporting a broader offering of retail shops and services in Oakmont’s commercial area. Specifically noted were a pharmacy, medical clinics, beauty shop, restaurants, gift shops, post office, hardware store and others that could eliminate the need to go to Santa Rosa. 

Environmental Stewardship 

Need for proactive plans for water conservation, energy independence from power outages (microgrid uncertainty), sustainability, preserving green spaces and fire and drought resistant landscaping. 


Financial viability of SubHOA’s is inconsistent. Good leadership recruitment is difficult. 

Space for Clubs and Activities 

Keep Oakmont active by providing sufficient space for clubs, organizations and sports groups. Better management of space in facilities. Specific clubs cited lack of space or need for more in the future. Specific spaces that were mentioned were room for people in the arts such as ceramics, woodworking and painting. Also a larger library and a covered pool. 

Age and Income Diversity 

Effectively support the diversity of members pertaining to ages, varying income levels, renters and owners, and long-timers vs. new residents, including ways to help residents age in place, live alone and have access to assisted living. Improved diversity.