Oakmont Vaccine Appointments Full / Reminders For Confirmed Appointments

The Sonoma County/Safeway vaccine appointments for February 4, 5, and 8 are now full. The County and Safeway are working on opening additional days at the Oakmont site. Please check the reservation website periodically for cancellations.

For those who have booked appointments, please read the following reminders provided by Safeway before coming to your appointment: 

  • Fill out the Consent Form AND CDC Pre-Vaccination Form prior to appointment. These forms will be available at the vaccination site if you are unable to print.
  • Bring your Medicare Card, supplemental insurance cards, if applicable, and prescription drug insurance card to clinic
  • Please bring proof of eligibility to the appointment (ID). Anyone who shows up for an appointment and are not from a qualified phase and tier priority group will be denied a vaccine.
  • Wear short sleeve  shirt if possible
  • Do NOT attend clinic if you are feeling unwell or experiencing COVID symptoms

Remember, this vaccine requires a second dose in four weeks.