Hello Beloved Community
Happy New Year… I hope is will be anyway. The phrase “subject to change” seems to be the most important phrase when planning for any event during this pandemic. While we were considering the Christmas Eve parking lot service, we did not take in consideration that the Berger parking lot would still be under construction so on December 15th, we made the church decision not to hold the service outdoors in the parking lot. We would instead stick to online and radio and make DVDs of the service to deliver to our people. This was the best we could do under the circumstances. It breaks my heart that the people of God have not been able to meet together in one accord to worship our Lord for the past 9 months, but it is what it is for now anyway. It also looks like as we begin the New Year and making our new year’s resolutions, we will definitely have to throw in that familiar phrase, “subject to change.” Thank goodness our Lord never changes. The scripture tells us that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever,” Hebrew 13:8. Therefore, let me encourage each of us to hang on to the promises found in God’s word. No matter how uncertain this world may be around us, we can be secure in our faith in God. He has brought us through 2020, and he will bring us through 2021 as well. If you need anything, please call. The church may or may not be able to assist you, but we can and will always pray for you. Happy New Year, Blessings and Peace.

A new weekly zoom Bible study will begin in mid-January, and also we will be launching a new in-person Bible study around the same time. We are looking at 1st and 2nd Timothy. For more information, please call the church. Join us for our online worship every Sunday at 10:30 am via YouTube under “Oakmont Community Church” or visit our web page to find the link. We are now uploading our worship services to Rumble, as well as linking them to Facebook, MeWe and Parlor and possibly even Nextdoor. We are also going to link the service to the Church page on the OVA web site. Subscribe to our channel where it applies for weekly reminders every time we go live. Follow us on Social Media.
Oakmont Community Church is a Non-denomination Bible based church. Pastor Brinda Peterson 707-595-0166. Church Office is at the Manse: 6687 Oakmont Dr. / Website: occsantarosa.org


SHRED A THON, Friday, June 11, 9-12

WARNING!!! Come early!!! Oakmonters cleaned house during the pandemic. At the last shred-A -Thon, 6 months ago, so many of us had important papers to shred that the trailer was full by 11:30, and we sadly had to tell late comers to return in June.

Exercising with a Mask

– John PhillipsWe are finishing our second month of having the Fitness Center open with certain restrictions and yes, we all hope that these restrictions

Lawn Bowling: Join the Club

We held our first tournament in over a year. We’re lifting the mask requirement outdoors and returning carefully to the daily draw. And don’t forget that bowling is now at 9:30 am (be there at 9:15).

Club Play Every Wednesday, Saturday

With French star players unable to compete and fans unable to watch live televised matches on the French sports television channel, L’Equipe, due to the pandemic, two championship players created the Facebook Group “Club Maboule” and organized a virtual national precision shooting tournament broadcast live on Facebook. The top competitors comprised a never-before-assembled group of renowned men’s and women’s players for the marksmanship challenge.

Oakmont Garden Club

“In my garden there is a large place for sentiment. My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow