Hello Beloved Friends,
Here we are three weeks into the New Year, and we are off to a rough start with covid spreading rapidly. You know prayer is a vital tool, which I hope you are utilizing on a daily basis. According to Psychology Today, Sept, 2019 issue, “Research consistently shows that prayer can have numerous benefits. For example, prayer can be a solid source of self-soothing and self-comfort when one is experiencing pain, coping with loss, or dealing with traumatic circumstances. Prayer can also be of benefit as a form of concentrated mental motivation for achieving personal goals. Prayer can help people focus on the well-being of others. And, of course, when one finds oneself in a hopeless or helpless situation, with no real options, no clear solution, and no actionable form of alleviation, then prayer is something to engage in to—at the very least—make one feel like one is doing at least something in the face of dire circumstances.” But more than all these, prayer connects us to God, so I encourage you to lean on God in these uncertain times.
Speaking of connecting with God, Oakmont Community Church holds worship services every Sunday at 10:30 AM at the East Rec. and Bible Study every Wednesday at 10:30 AM at the OVA outer office suite B. We also hold worship services at the Gardens every Sunday at 1:00 PM in the Social Hall.
This month we are excited to announce that we are showing the movie “God’s Not Dead, We the People” on Saturday, January 29th at 2:00 PM at the East Rec. We will be offering free popcorn and bottled water. Pepsi and Diet Pepsi will be available for 50 cents a can. Coming up in February we will be having a game day.
For more information about the church or upcoming events visit our web page at occsantarosa.org. If we can be of service to you or if you need prayer, please call the church at 707-595-0166. Oakmont Community Church is a Bible-based non-denominational community church.


Oakmont’s Own More Joy

Back again by popular demand, Oakmont’s beloved hometown group with songs from our past that will make you laugh and cry in the same concert. More Joy is a deep and delightful quartet of artists that weave amazing harmonies throughout a broad selection of folk, country, blues and beyond.

Comedy Show at OAK

Laugh along with Steph and Tom Clark and San Franciscan Dan St. Paul about married life and getting older

Ghostly Night

Boomers Ghostly Night with the Neon Playboys – October 29 at Berger Center at 5:00 with music at 6:30