OCG Presentations Opposing Dog Park Location Near Garden

The community garden is concerned about placement of a dog park directly west of the garden, seen below, on this topographic map. The gradient lines show a drop from 400 feet to 380 feet–a drop of 20 feet. The slope of the land and drainage is towards the community garden. Many of the lower spaces of the garden sit in water during winter rains. In fact, it got so bad that OVA maintenance came out last winter and tried to cut a drainage channel to help drain the water directly south of the garden. Also, this soil is classified by UC Davis, and USDA as “Tuscan Cobbly Clay” –ecological profile is “Shallow Rocky” and is listed as a “very high” water runoff factor. How would drainage of a dog park affect the community garden given this soil profile? As gardeners, we know that we can water in one spot only to have it appear in a very different spot, far away from the original place. There are all sorts of underground tunnels and vacant areas. How would this affect runoff?

Oakmont Garden Community Member Testimonies Regarding Dog Park Locaiton

Pat Olive, President, Oakmont Community Garden:

Let me be clear. I am not opposed to a dog park in Oakmont. Our garden board is not opposed to a dog park in Oakmont. We have concerns that this location. What we are concerned about…
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Elihu Smith, Oakmont Community Garden Board Member:

This is one of the concerns of the garden board: Will OVA follow up on promises made in development projects? When the pickleball courts were proposed near
East Rec Center nearby home owners were promised…
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Shirley Philips, Oakmont Community Garden Board Member:

There is no dispute in the scientific literature or from scientific bodies that dog feces and diarrhea, including urine can transmit diseases. Dog parks are also…
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Dog Park Myths from Gail Capehart

A 2017 study conducted in Boulder, CO found that over 26% of dog feces was not removed. It was also reported that 1 gram of this waste can contain…
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Permanent Dog Park Proposals – Workshop 10-2-2018

The unfortunate closure of dog walking along the perimeter of the Polo Field, with its vast expanse, is a far cry from…
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Santa Rosa City information on “Pet Waste Pollution Prevention”: