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October Meeting & Make Good Use Of The Fall Months

  • Patty McHugh

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When & Where: Tuesday, October 16 – Berger Center

Time: Tea and Social at 9:30 followed by meeting from 10:00 to 11:15 am

Topic: How to make your home extra special for fall using flowers, berries, pumpkins, twigs and more!

Guest Speaker: Ellyn Pelikan has been a floral designer and artist for over 50 years. Ellyn credits her mother for her enduring love of floral design, gardening and art. She thinks they go hand in hand! Ellyn owned a florist shop for many years and worked with major catalog companies designing and producing floral products. She teaches floral classes and mixed media art at her farm in Sebastopol and other venues. ‘Thinking out of the box ‘is one of her favorite things to do. As Ellyn Says ‘Life is too short to be normal ‘.


Somehow over recent years, the gardening year got turned around. Today people rush into their garden at the first sign of spring and immediately start planning and planting for the best garden ever. This is quite a change from years ago, when spring was a secondary season, ideal for planting some plants but not the time for most of the work. It used to be said that ‘the gardening year starts in fall’ and this is still true even if garden centers and big-box stores want us to shift to spring when they can put out lots of tempting plants in flower to catch our attention.

The emphasis on spring planting has also skewed the selection of plants in our gardens so that spring – when those tempting flowering shrubs/plants are on display – has become the dominant season, with many gardens having little in bloom during summer or fall. We need to take back control.

Some good reasons to plant in fall…

* Save money (we all like that) with fall plant discounts — you can often get larger plants for less money.

* Warm soil (makes for a happy plant).

* The plants energy focuses on root growth (builds strong roots).

* Practicality – fall is often free of all the rain and cold snaps of early spring, making a more pleasant garden planting experience.

Think ahead for winter interest in your garden. Ways to bring color to a winter garden is with colored bark (many shrubs have red or yellow twigs in winter) and with persistent berries and fruits that will last most of the winter months — think dogwood, pyracantha, holly, Japanese maple. Add texture and varied foliage for interest. As Ellyn will show us, cuttings from these plants are also beautiful in fall/winter flower arrangements.



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