9-5-2019 OEPC Minutes

CAC Room B, 2:00 pm

Pat Barclay
Kay Oppenheimer
Dennis Sabourin
Fred Polkinghorn
Bob Stinson
Tom Pugliese

  1. Old Business
    1. OEPC restored as OVA standing committee. 2014 Charter approved by OVA. Board members approved as Officers. Liability concerns to be resolved via notice to ZCs re. direct resident contact. Funding request effort to OCF terminated. Budget request to OVA in process.
    2. Sat Phone usage procedures published by F. Polkinghorn; will be added to Comm. Handbook.ZC handbookstill in process.
    3. Recommended on-line calling tree vendor provided toORW.
    4. Fall resident forum scheduled for October 24th. Topic will be prep. and response to extended power outage. R. Stinson will present.
    5. Fall comm. drill planning mtg.scheduled for Sept. 13 (Barclay, Polkinghorn, Pugliese)
    6. Replacement generator gas procured by R. Stinson. Reimbursement in process.
  2. New Business
    1. 2 canvas emergency tents missing; Barclay/Polkinghorn to investigate
    2. Additonal LMR-240 coax needed at all emerg. sheds; replacements needed for aging GMRS base stations(Barclay)
    3. Locked cabinet needed for Sat Phone (Barclay)
    4. Sonoma County not acting on evacuation planning; OEPC will assume effort (Barclay)
  3. Action Items
    1. Identify funding needs for OEPC budget (Polkinghorn, Barclay, Pugliese)
    2. Procedurehandbook for ZC volunteers (Barclay)
    3. Fall comm. drillplanning (Polkinghorn, Barclay, Pugliese)
    4. Presentation for Oct. resident forum (Stinson)
    5. Organize mtg. of stakeholders forevacuation planning (Barclay)
    6. ON notice to residents re. expectations on emergency support (Oppenheimer, Barclay)
  4. The meeting was adjourned at 3:15 pm.



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